Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend Indeed

My brother and Master Mixer DJ Melo.

Wow, I must say I had not had a weekend like this in quite a while, I was starting to feel pretty abandoned by my kids and was really longing for their company. Well that ended this weekend and I hope it sparks many more family get togethers to come.

I had a fantastic Friday afternoon that started great company and a buy one get one free Chipotle's burrito. Anybody that has been to Chipotle's should know that their burritos mean business, no matter how hungry you are when you finish one of those there should not be any traces of hunger left.

My Saturday started pretty good, the weather held and as predicted it was gorgeous so that prompted me to take out the convertible to go to all the places I needed to go. Had to take a class at church at 1:00 p.m. so I got ready, jumped in the car and got there just in time. Two hours later I was heading back home thinking about food, yes I think about food a lot, as I was driving a text came in from my daughter Michelle asking me what my plans were for that afternoon. Well Monday is her husband's birthday so she said my son and his family were meeting them at Denny's and asked if I wanted to go.

Me and four of my munchkins waiting to be seated at Denny's.

I had seen Michelle two weeks ago but had not seen my other kids since the "Big Game" day and if my son was going to be there then I would see two of them at least. Then another text came in, this time it was my sister-in-law asking if I wanted to join her and my daughter Nichole in going to a club to dance the night away. I coordinated my time and was able to accommodate the outing.

I was picked up at nine and we were off. It was my sister-in-law, my daughter and her friend and we were to pick up one more girls. I was warned that I was going to be in the company of many beautiful women. Well, they were not lying.

We went to one of the clubs my brother DJs regularly and got there kinda early. We scored one of the few tables there and waited for the people to start dancing. The girls went to the bar to get some drinks while I stayed at the table guarding the seats and their purses, then this "lady" stands behind me and asks if the seats are taken. "Oh yes they are" I said. "Are you here alone?" she asked, I said no and pointed towards my four beautiful companions, "All four?" she said, "yep!" Was my reply. "Do you want to make it five?" she said. It is at that time that my posse came back from getting our drinks. "Awww dad, are you being picked up by a "tranny"?" lol The lady, wasn't a lady but a guy in drag, but then again I knew that.

My Nikki and I.

Nikki and I dancing some Merengue.

Ja, ja, how times have changed since my disco days back in the 80's. Bottom line, we had a blast, danced the night away and finally called it a night at around 2:30 a.m. but we were not done yet as we were all hungry and decided to go eat some tacos.

I party the night before but that did not change the fact that I had to be up early to get ready for church. My grandson Diego asked me to pick him up and so we bonded all day long. Later I called my daughter's and invited them to come and eat some enchiladas. Nikki spend most of the afternoon with me and then Michelle and family showed up.

All in all, a wonderful weekend full of the greatest company I could have had, family friends and good food and as icing for the cake the opportunity to experience having a tequila shot with my brother at the club for the very first time.

Yes, it was a great weekend and I will do my best to repeat it all over again next weekend.

These are my partners in crime from Saturday night. Aren't they all beautiful?

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Sandy said...

wow, funloving lucky man you are to have all those great kids to take you out.
fun post to read.

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