Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As I Sit Here and Reflect

What makes life interesting? To me it's very simple the gift of waking up in the morning to tackle the challenges of a new day. While life could be a routine sometimes thinking outside the box and getting off the safety net just adds more excitement. I really think life is really interesting and so worth living. You all know that I was made aware of how fragile life can be and yet the realization that life goes on gives me the strength to carry on.

Then just when I start getting too comfortable with life as it is being dealt to I get another eye opener that puts things in perspective. Watching the news and seeing the devastation in Japan makes me appreciate the life God is allowing me to live, it makes me realize how blessed I am to have the best family a man can ask for, to enjoy the things I have achieved, and to be able to thank God for another day just before I go to bed.

I watch the news in the safety of my home and can't even begin to imagine how thousands of people are suffering right now, how many broken families, how many broken souls, how many broken dreams, how many broken faiths, I sit here writing and saying I am blessed, and thousands over there are probably asking "Why me? God".

Yet, for us it's business as usual, it's a life goes on routine, it's a take care of business or it will take care of you, it's a wake up and smell the coffee. It could happen to us at any time so please take a look, an indepth hard look at yourself and make some changes gradually as needed. If at all it may make you feel better.

Prayers go to our brothers and sisters in Japan, and to those doing their best to assist in rescue searches and whatever else is needed there. If you so feel inclined to do the same keep them in your prayers too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awesome Post Jose. During times of personal grief I see life going on as usual outside my bubble and I thought about that during the early days of the Japan Earthquake. We are blessed here.
You've "earned" some of your blessings - you created the loving environment that brings your family together happily to celebrate special occasions with so much love and closeness.. I'm glad to watch your journey through your "new Normal" you are an inspiration

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