Monday, March 14, 2011

At The Park on a Sunday Afternoon

I have been and probably still am at a loss for words, events, and basically topics to blog about. Luckily this was a good weekend for me. I spent my Friday afternoon cleaning house, I had been neglecting it lately and even though I don't get it dirty it does get dusty all on its own.

Saturday I woke up early as I had an appointment to go order my new glasses. I did but little suckers left me almost $350.00 in the hole, oh it started higher than that but being the negotiator that I am I brought it down considerably. Still quite a hefty price for two little pieces of glass attached to some metal not thicker than a wire.

I came back home with the intention of washing my car but guess what? This is Phoenix and it was hot. I did wash it but had to wait until past 5:00 o'clock. As I normally do every Saturday I stayed home watching TV and saving my throat for Sunday. I learned my lesson as I went out a couple of times only to not be able to sing on Sunday, and as luck would have it I had solos to perform. Now I prefer to stay home although I may go out on occasion.

My telephone's alarm wakes me up at 7:30 AM every Sunday. I like to get up and make me a coffee to wake up. I check my emails and facebook while I drink it and then it's shower time as I like to get to church promptly at 9:30 AM. Even tho our mass is at 11:30 we normally use one hour to practice our songs and to warm up our voices.

Well, we were asked to please cover for the 1:30 mass too so we did. My daughter left me a message that they were all going to a park to have a family barbecue and asked if I wanted to join. I told them that after the 1:30 PM mass I would be there.

When I got to the park the food was almost ready, all my grand kids and honorary grand kids were there too, the only one missing was my son whom stayed home sick. We had such a good time, the weather was perfect, the kids were all running all over the playground and having a good time. They all looked so cute with their red chicks as one by one run to me to say "hi grandpa" and to give me a kiss.

I so needed such a day, a day with my kids, my grand kids, my nephews, my family.

A tandem swing? What a great invention. lol

Awww my daughters and daughter in law, or in other words my older generation babies.

My nephew Chris and his little baby Joseph, or as I call him "mi tocayito".

Me playing with my little princess Atalie.

Our chef cooking the beans, chicken, etc., but what? No salsa! Who dropped the ball?

Ummm, que rico!


Wanda said...

Beautiful, beautiful famiy Jose.

What a fun Sunday...singing at Mass and picnicing with family.

A perfect day.

MrManuel said...

You sure have a big family!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos Jose! Sounds like you had almost the perfect Sunday. I'll need you to come with me when I go to get glasses... Having trouble seeing out of mine anymore but they are SO expensive! The kids are beautiful

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