Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to Diego

It was early but I had to be there at 8:30 a.m. my new and expensive glasses were ready for pick up. On my way back I called my daughter and asked her if she was ready, well as usual she wasn't but this time she did not make me wait too long. The plan was for me to go down to the stereo shop to drop off my car as it was about to get it's brand new stereo and she would pick me up there. Then from there it was off to buy all the things we needed for Diego's eight birthday party.

So, last week I had a date with my Nikki and Laila and this Saturday was Michelle and Atalie. How can you go to the store on an empty stomach, that's right you can't so a stop at Denny's for an awesome stake skillet was in the agenda. Again I only left a fry and my skilled didn't even have fries in it. Ummm how did that happen? Atalie was so well behaved that our server even brought her goodies.

After a good hour or so we headed back to my house to start cooking but it had been invaded by not one or two nor three or four, five, six, seven or eight, or even nine, ten, elenven nor twelve yes thirteen of my fifteen grandkids were there plus two honorary grandkids as well. Oh boy, that was fun. I cooked the beans and my daughter did the hot dogs.

Little by little all the guests started arriving and all the kids played outside in the front yard. Unfortunately for me I got worried that the shop was scheduled to close in half an hour and they still had not called me about my car so my son and I headed that way and had to wait for it to be finished for close to an hour. By this time cake was cut, presents were opened and the party was pretty much over. For what I heard, Diego made out like a bandit.

As an added bonus for me more than him he spent the night and went to church with me the next morning. We normally leave an hour and a half before mass starts because we have to practice the songs we will be singing, he loves being there and is a member of the choir. He has yet to sing but he definitely moves his lips and lipsinc many of the songs. All the choir members love him as they have known him for a year now and before going in to church we sang him his Mananitas and Happy Birthday. He had a simple yet fantstic birhday party which he totally enjoyed.


Chely said...

Happy Birthday to Diego! And I loved the Choir's rendition of "Las Mananitas". The harmonies were just beautiful. =)

Jose said...

If you all notice the abscence of pictures it's because these kids were to busy playing to be photographed.

MrManuel said...

Steak at Denny's? Ewww....

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