Sunday, March 27, 2011

Noche Bohemia - Bohemian Night

"The concept of Bohemia is the coexistence, is to socialize with friends in an atmosphere of camaraderie, where music, songs, poems, anecdotes and all the spontaneity, are the main element."
"In a Bohemian all the guests can participate and be singing in the chorus, reciting or playing a musical instrument. And you do not know how to sing or play with virtuosity because"
"To be Bohemio just need to be in love, excited, passionate .... or deeply hurt"

Well I came home from work on Friday and after resting for a little bit I decided to get ready to attend my first ever Bohemian Night. I was told about this by a friend and co-member of our church choir, he told me that I would fit right in as I sing fairly decent and they are always looking for performers. Ummmmm, I got the idea right away that this is not karaoke so I was contacted by Mari the coordinator and she invited me to come in.

So I got there at around 7:30 pm and the place was empty, ummm I went in anyway and introduced myself, she in turned gave me a hug and introduced me to her husband and the few other people there, right away I felt totally welcomed there. She apologised cause nobody had showed up yet and I told her not to worry as I was not in a hurry to leave.

Sitting here with singer and song writer Guillermo Saenz.

In the next half hour the place, a local Salvatorian restaurant started to fill up to capacity and at around 8:00 pm the first performances started. So each performer in the card scheduled to appear does a set of four to five songs. Now these guys not only can sing but played their guitars like nobodies business which in contrast with me not only I don't play or sing as good as they do but I can't memorize lyrics which means I will rely on reading them.

So, I did stick it out and stayed there until the end, it was a night of hugs and hand shakes, these people really are a tight group and they all respect and like each other. It was a night of different nationalities coming together, there were people from all over South America and the love for each other's nationalities was evident.

There are singers, and there were also poets, so there were many poetry sets as well. Perhaps I will also write some of my wannabe rhymes and one day read them there.

So I was asked to come back and sing for them next Friday and I agreed, arggg that will be definitely different, I will arm myself with my music tracks and my trusty lyrics and hopefully I won't crash and burn.

I will let you know how that will pan out.

Images "borrowed" from Poemary of PoetAZ.


Chely said...

Hmmm, sounds interesting. Don't forget to take your Letritas! I think your poetry will fit right in. =)

Besitos ~ Chely

Poemary said...

Wooow Jose! Que bello detalle el tuyo de dejar por escrito tu experiencia en nuestra bohemia. Me da tanto gusto saber que te hicimos sentir bienvenido, porque es nuestro proposito ya que todos estamos ahi por la misma causa.
De mi parte te pido disculpas porque el ser la coordinadora y organizadora no me permite convivir tanto como quisiera con todos los presentes, pero entre mas tengamos tu presencia mas nos iremos conociendo.
Gracias por aceptar regresar para cantar, no te sientas menos ni mas que nadie, ya que en nuestra bohemia todo talento es igualmente valioso! Cada viernes tenemos diferentes cantantes y poetas, alguno que otro se repite, pero procuramos darle variedad para que la gente siga viniendo a divertirse en un ambiente diferente y sano.
Te esperamos y por supuesto que te puedes traer tus letras por escrito y asi no olvidar las cancinoes ;) Esta semana tendremos ya un stand de escritura para sostener los papeles, asi que estaras muy bien, segura estoy de eso!!
Abrazos del alma y GRACIAS MIL por tu presencia, amistad y este bello detalle en tu blog =)

Jose said...

Chely - Next time you come to visit we are going there.

Mary - Ya vez por que lo digo, deveras que me senti bien y espero el Viernes para convivir con ustedes otra vez.

Poemary said...


MrManuel said...

Sounds like a fun time!

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