Friday, April 08, 2011


As if driving the 07 Mustang isn't joy enough the addition of the new stereo totally made the trip an even better experience. All I had to do was load up an empty SD memory card with a bunch of songs and I had a six hour trip full of non repeat music that was off the charts.

When I got to Quartzite there was a group of about eight Mustangs but they had already gassed up and they were ready to hit the road. I did not get a chance to talk to them but I imagine they were heading towards California as well. The Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show brings a lot of Arizonans into California for the weekend.

The trip was an uneventful one, I only had one gas and two coffee stops. I forewarned my sister that I would be hungry when I got to her house so to make sure and hook me up. Well, let me tell you, she did not disappoint as she waited for me with these delicious tostadas. Ummmm they were so very delicious. To that add her company as well as the company of my nieces April and Crystal and that in itself was a recipe for a good and enjoyable time.

As always, the next three hours were spent with my sister, listening to music and making plans for Friday night. No, nothing new there, it will be karaoke as always and it should be lots of fun.

This morning I have been abandoned as she had to work but that's fine with me. It allows me for some quiet time to say hi to all of your out there.

So receive greetings from sunny California. By the way, the weather is wonderful, it is a little windy but otherwise a beautiful day. Please, oh please remain like this for the rest of the week as tomorrow we go to Knott's Berry Farm and on Sunday I have the car show.

Keep your fingers crossed.


ChrisJ said...

Supposed to get warmer and no more rain after Saturday, Jose. So have a great week with your family.

MrManuel said...

Yeah, the weather here in CA is awesome right now!

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