Wednesday, April 13, 2011

California Here I Come... Again!

Cuando viajo solo no voy solo
Pues llevo mis pensaminentos
los cuales simempre me acompanan
y me llenan de recuerdos
recuerdos de dias pasados
que nos seran olvidados
de momentos susitados
que abitaron mi pasado
y de pronto dejaron huella
para el futuro anhelado


I can't believe how fast the week passed and I have not been able to post anything yet. Well let me give you some random things from last week. For starters let me tell you that this is the fourth trip to California in the 07 pony and what a joy it is to ride. In comparison with the convertible which is very uncomfortable this one is not, the leather seats feel just rite. Having the new radio which has a USB port allowed for a memory card full of music. I don't think the songs repeated.

On the way back Junior even made my phone work so that I can dial and answer through the radio through the blue tooth. My oh my all this technology. As always I stopped in Quartzite and had to go see the old cars just to see what what new, he he, they were all still old cars for sale.

And of course mine with that cool looking tank.

The trip was pretty much uneventful so I got there pretty fast, just two pit stops for loading and unloading coffee and that was that. I did get my clean car all rained over while passing by the Morongo Casino, about a mile of rain just enough to mess the whole thing up.

It was super windy when I stopped to take this picture.

I had warned my sister to wait for me with food as I would get there very hungry. She did not disappoint, tostadas and a salad was just right for a Thursday night dinner. Ummmm que rico!

Just in case I have not mentioned this before, I love visiting my lil sister.


Wanda said...

Just like Willy're on the road again!!!!

That first old car has a license that says birth year. Guess that makes me a "Classic" or a "Relic".. HaHa

Your trip already sounds fun.

Jose said...

Lol Wanda you are a classic among classics. Never a relic. :-)

Chely said...

LOVED the Poem! Wow, que inspirado!!

I was disappointed that you only wrote a tiny bit about your trip. Or is it that you're gonna do a Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 kinda Blog?

Anyway, my favorite part was, "...Just in case I have not mentioned this before, I love visiting my lil sister."

Awwww. I love having you over big brother. It is a joy to take care of you, hang out, sing and party with always. =)

Tara said...

Makes me want to go even more Jose! :)

Jose said...

Ja ja, esque por ahi me salio una musa que me inspira.

Part two tonight, stay tuned.

And I love you and love visiting you and now I have to plan trips to Cali more often. I wonder why? lol

Tara: Sooner or later you will have to make the trip, plan on a next vacation remember, there's a place here for you to stay so don't sweat the little details. lol Like Nike says, "Just do it".

Vicky said...

Profundos pensamientos en tus bellos versos josé, te felicito. Vicky

Jose said...

Gracias Vicky, aprendiendo e inspirandome de ustedes.

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