Saturday, May 21, 2011

I 'm Still Here

Wow, how is it that I have not posted anything here. Well, let's fix that right this instant. First of all I am still around and very much alive thank God for that. I have not done much these days other than work and attend the "Viernes de Bohemia", been sick for the past three weeks in a row with this cough that just does not want to part ways and I am pretty much sick of it, pun intended.

I had my debut at Viernes Bohemio over a month ago and to date I have not been able to perform for my friends again. I am hoping next Friday will be the day as my sister and brother in law will join me. I am excited for that so come on throat get well already and let me sing. In the meantime I settle for just listening to the always talented singers and poets there.

All eyes on the performer in turn.

I am really looking forward to next weekend as first and foremost my gf is coming to see me from California. The anticipation started mounting since last week. In addition my youngest granddaughter is getting baptised next Saturday and also getting her first birthday celebration on that same day. So, needless to say it will be an awesome weekend.

Princess Laila.

Have I mentioned that my Diego is playing baseball, yeah finally, last year he did the socker thing, so this year is baseball, have to keep these kids active and fit. It is so exciting to see them play even when they miss hitting that ball time and time again.

This is Diego a.k.a. "One awesome kid"

So there, I hope to catch up with you all very soon. But life changes always alter the daily routine but I promise not for long. Love ya all.


ChrisJ said...

Hey, Jose! I wondered where you'd been. Thought maybe you'd got too tied up with facebook and twitter. I'm staying out of those areas, got too much clutter in my life right now. Get better soon and sing for the Lord

Chely said...

IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! Yea, every time I dropped by to visit this page, there was nothing new. =/ Just your last Mother's Day post.

I was getting ready to complain. - lol

We are all looking forward to visiting everyone in Arizona on Friday. Hey, what time does "Noche de Bohemia" start and end. Maybe we could leave a little early and try to make that night's session. =)

I hope you get better soon, because we don't want to catch your virus. I'm finally done with my two month plus cough and don't want to get it again. And I'm sure your gf doesn't want it either! =/ LOL

Anyways, see ya very soon my dear brother. =D



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