Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Loving My Roll As a Choirboy

Well, as you all may remember I joined the church choir back on February of 2010 and what an amazing journey that has been. I fought it for so long as I knew that it would be a big commitment and that it required time and effort yet once in it has been so effortless and very rewarding. Even when asked to cover two masses which last year was common it never felt like an imposition but actually I was glad to stay and serve.

It had been a month since I got sick and my throat had been so closed that no note was coming out, but today finally it opened up almost fully and I was able to finally sing without sounding like a teenager going through puberty.

Today we were mostly inspired because somehow every song we sang sounded fairly decent, considering that we are for the most part a very disorganized group full of limitations, when it comes to singing to the Lord we try to do the very best we can, when you sing to Him the limitations are out the window because He wants for us not to be the best but to be the best we can. Amazingly enough once inside the church we all sound different and the community really appreciates our efforts by always joining in while using us as their guides.

Notice that in many of the videos I post the congregation is singing as well and yet we all sing in unison as one. More than once I have gotten chills especially when I notice their participation. Today was such a day.

The priest whom also has a wonderful voice often joins us in song as well, it's kindda funny when we all of a sudden hear the additional male voice and don't realize it's him until we see him, his little lavalier mic is pretty powerful and he loves to harmonize and to add phrases that normally aren't in the book. When he does that I always think of it as a win win situation cause everyone loves it.

As my sister says, when singing to the Lord is not about singing ugly just because He will appreciate it anyway, because to Him we should always offer the best of ourselves.

I hope you appreciate these songs because we sure love singing them.

1 comment:

ChrisJ said...

I really did enjoy both these songs, Jose. The harmonies and voices sound a lot like those we hear in Micronesia. Beautiful.

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