Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still Around and Still No Internet

"Reality forms around a commitment." ~Unknown


You been here with me
And it just feels right
This is where you belong
Even if it’s too hot
Cause in the big scheme of things
Hot is what I think you are
And I know HOT I can handle
And I say HOT is alright

As you learn to deal with hotness
As you learn to embrace its warmth
Just remember in the front yard
There’s a long hose readily attached.


Time sure does fly when you are having fun and there is just no possible way to stop it or at least slow it down so might as well use it to our advantage and enjoy it as much as possible.

It has been none stop these past two weeks and as the day gets closer when I have to take Abby back to California it suddenly hits me that it is going to be hard as she is very easy to get used to. I have a feeling my mom is thinking the same as she has had companionship every day and I know her too is loving it. Not to mention that her favorite son (namely me) has been there too.

Posting has been hard for me due to lack of Internet but I hope to eventually catch up, specially with some images we have captured these past days. We are thinking this Saturday we may take a ride to Prescott, if that happens it should be lots of fun, plus it will be great to escape the 115 degree Phoenix temperatures we are experiencing these days.

Getting to know each other has been awesome and I will treasure these days forever.

I am placing this image here as a request from my dear friend Wanda.



Chely said...

Where's the "Like" button? =)

Wanda said...

Thanks Jose. Love the picture of your hands, and the ring is lovely, and Abby your nails are very pretty too.

Love following this new chapter in your life journey.

Love and Hugs

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful, Jose! Welcome from Jose's blog friends, to you Abby.

catscratch said...

I'm so happy to know you're happy.

Cheers to you both!

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