Friday, June 24, 2011

A Week With Abby

Wow, and just like that a whole week has passed. So since I have no computer at my mom's where I've been staying all week here is the skinny of things. Left for Cali last Thursday night got to my sister's fairly early, she fed me (very important) and that was pretty much the day. The next morning I woke up got ready and headed to Abby's parents house to pick her up. Abby's kids by the grace of God happened to be in town at the same time so we could not pass that opportunity and decided to drive to her house in Lancaster so I could meet them. However we could not leave until we had a good lunch cooked by Abby's mom and sister, "tacos de papa" with home made red salsa ummm, ummm good! We finally hit the road and two hours later were in Lancaster. (Wanda, I could have thrown a stone and hit your house roof, lol)I say for a first time things went super smooth, it was decided to have some carne asada so Abby and I headed to the store to get what we needed but not before stopping at one of her friends house. "Ummm that ring on your finger cannot be real" is what they seemed to be thinking, "You're just pulling our legs". Her friend was like "call me later". I made a salsa verde and the girls made rice, beans, and potato salad to go with the carne. Ummmm, I am still full... OK no, I'm lying actually I already ate many times since. At 9:00 p.m. we said good bye and headed for Phoenix. For the most part it was a wonderful ride but we were delayed for about an hour due to freeway construction on I-10, I didn't mind it at all since the I had the best possible company but the clutch foot/leg was starting to cramp up. No bueno!!! Once in Phoenix my mom whom probably had one eye open came out to greet us and then we went to sleep. Next morning we got ready and headed for Sedona were we had a most wonderful time. She had never seen the red rock mountains and even got to see Snoopy mountain. Sedona is just a wonderful place to visit so when in Arizona you must go. The next day we went to Jerome, an old mining town about 50 miles away from Sedona. Here we also had a fantastic time and dinner was awesome at a restaurant called "Quince", food was good and music was great, they were playing nothing but salsa music, we even had the best tasting margaritas there. Headed back to Phoenix but again we were caught in a traffic jam that lasted over an hour but eventually we got to my mom's. Rested for about a minute and then headed to my sister's were we stayed until late. Well, pretty much that was the weekend. The week has been exciting as well, from shopping, to movies, to bike night, to just relaxing, it's been all 100% awesome. I will share pictures once I'm back at the house and have access to the Internet.

Wow, this is the longest sentence I have written in my blog.



Nikki Darling said...

Yay for fun weeks!

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness Jose, your happiness and joy just jump off the screen. I'm so happy for you!

You know, I heard that rock hit the roof, and said, "There goes that Jose again on another road trip.

Will you post a picture of a beautiful hand and ring???

Love and Hugs

ChrisJ said...

So glad you are having such a wonderful time. You sure are getting around a lot -- and getting fed a lot :} :} :}

Poemary said...

Que hermoso fin de semana han pasado juntos en Arizona Jose. Encantada de conocer a Abby y a tu hermana en VIERNES de BOHEMIA. Gracias por compartir tu canto y amistad. Dios te siga bendiciendo!

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