Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ABC Wednesday -- "A"

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OK let me try this again, I have started this game and never finished it as it is hard finding certain images on some of these letters but I will try and do my best this time around.

So today it's Letter "A" for ABC Wednesday and for me there's only one logical choice these days. "A" is for...


And as if my magic one December 31st of 2010 Abby came back from the past to very much become my present and future and I couldn't be happier. Not too many people get a second chance at happiness as I am getting it. I say it was God sent and I am pretty much appreciating her with all my heart and soul.


Gattina said...

Unfortunately I don't know Abby's story.
ABC team

Wanda said...

You know I couln't be happier for you... Love you both!

Roger Owen Green said...

Happy for your 2nd chance.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

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