Monday, July 18, 2011


My Fat Boy ready to ride.

OK the idea was to keep the momentum going and to carry the bike ride to Saturday, she wanted to go further than just a couple of miles away so we decided to go to Prescott the following Saturday, that meant we needed to go out shopping for comfortable and suitable shirts for riding.

The first time we went to a store about a month ago she would say "Oh I like this and then just kindda pass her hand over it and that was it". She did this repeatedly so I asked her to please stopped touching the clothes and to grab some of them so she could try them on. Alas, that did not happen. That's why this time I started carrying the shirts she hinted she liked and then we headed to the dressing rooms.

It was funny cause there were two other guys there with their wives, one of them couldn't care less what she was trying on, I think he just wanted out of that place, then Abby came out and showed me what she was trying on, I think first I gave her a thumbs down, then she went back in and out she came again with another blouse, this time my thumbs were pointing up, then the other lady comes out with whatever she had tried on and heads for the registers, and her husband goes, "hey, you didn't even show me", she just looked at him like are you nuts? What is it I have to show you? I started laughing cause Abby came out again with yet another blouse. I guess I am just lucky that way, cause I was having a ball. The shirts were pretty cool so we decided not on one, not on two, not on three, but on four shirts.

You can't deny that I picked a cool t-shirt for her.

A friend of mine was going to ride with us but at the last minute he couldn't join us and add to that the fact that the forecast for that day called or 117 degrees the Prescott trip had to be severely cut so we decided to get up very early and to just go have breakfast in Wickenburg.

Street scene.

Welcome to the high desert! Just 60 miles northwest of Downtown Phoenix in the Northern reaches of the great southwest’s Sonoran Desert. Wickenburg is noted for its clean air, good country living, western hospitality and all-around high quality of life.

Abby, the third wheel. lol

From my house, Wickenburg is exactly 52 miles, so we got there in no time. I don't know what it is with Arizona's little towns and even Phoenix adding those turn around thinggys at the intersections to me they are annoying and confusing, needless to say I could not find the restaurant I was looking for so we back tracked a couple of blocks and went into a restaurant that had a bunch of bikes parked in the parking lot, I think it was called Country Kitchen or something like that. Not the best food but it wasn't all that bad either.


Inside I started playing with my phone app that point you to places you want to go and actually did find the restaurant I wanted to go to in the first place and wouldn't you know it, it was only a block away past that turn around thinggy they have on the street. I hate those things.


Well we were not the only crazy riders out there that morning, I did see quite a few bikes go through Wickenburg but Abby and I were ready to hit the road. Now that we knew where I wanted to go we headed that way, took some pictures and headed back to Phoenix. The last 45 minutes or so we rode in very hot weather and I thought for sure Abby was not going to be able to take it but she was a real trooper and did not complain at all.

Shadow riders!

We were back before noon and we just kindda vegetated the rest of the day. Who wants to be out when the temps are over 115 degrees.


Roger Owen Green said...

Like your stuff.
Please note ABC Wednesday somewhere in your post if you'd like to link with us. Thank you.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

photowannabe said...

That's too darn hot for me.
Is that dust storm anywhere near you. Amazing stuff.

Jose said...

Oh I was out with my camera filming it.

Ms. Burrito said...


A is for Appreciation, your visit will be so much appreciated, thanks!

Kathy said...

She looks like a soulmate to me!

Jose said...

Hey Kathy, she does, doesn't she? Thanks for the visit.

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