Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bike Night at Westgate... Again!

During one of our many phone conversations I popped the big question. "Abby, perhaps if I take the bike you would like to take a ride with me?". And to my surprise and without any hesitation her answer was "sure!". My first thought was, did she understand correctly, this is the Harley I'm talking about? So I kindda asked again but the reply was the same, "sure I will, I've ridden in the back of a bike before and at very high speeds". Wow! I've found me a daredevil.

Ready to rock and roll, or in this case ride and roll.

Joe Cool!

So, it was a great opportunity that on Thursday night, Westgate City Center was hosting a bike night, so obviously the Harley came out of the garage and even though it was already hot weather we headed that way. The place was not packed but there were still lots of bikes, probably close to 500 of them.

Trikes with VW engines are still cool to this day.

But I still drool over the high end custom sleds, specially baggers like this one.

We got there and found a nice spot to park it right in the center of it all. After walking up and down Coyote Blvd. and watching all the cool rides parked there we headed to Margaritaville for some drinks.

My baby, can't believe it's a 94.

There were bikes everywhere.

And on both sides of Coyote Blvd.

Now this is the first time I ordered a margarita there, but after the awesome margaritas from Sedona and Jerome this one completely failed. It was weak and did not look nor taste like a margarita. Go figure! I thought for sure Margaritaville would offer killer margaritas.

Westgate City Center is a fun place to go party, plenty of restaurants and shops but most importantly the home to The Coyote's NHL Hockey Arena, and NFL The Cardinal's Stadium. Not a place that I would go there every weekend but the times I have been there I have really enjoyed it.

More pics from bike night:

Although she can pose she is not a "poser", she's the real thing.

Abby or pin up girl, ummmmm! I like!

Ummmm! I think I can ride this one!

"Oh no! That is way to low" she said.

Vintage iron.

A young rider saw the camera in my hand and offered to snap a shot.

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