Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Film Bar

Best of Phoenix award winning and my brother "DJ Melo".

With nothing planned to do for a Saturday night we sat at the kitchen table talking to my mom and listening to her stories, which by the way she has plenty of them. She said, "What? You guys are not going out tonight?" Well we really have no plans, so I asked Abby if she wanted to do something. I then took out my phone and went into facebook. My brother had just posted that he would be spinning some records at the Film Bar in Phoenix and that he would be doing a cumbia set.

Oh yeah! "DJ Melo" always get the crowd going.

I called him and asked him what this place was about and after some hesitations he said, that it was a small theater, not a night club and that it wasn't the regular type of dancing place we were used to but to come down never the less to join him.

Oh yes I had to unbutton my shirt, the AC was only working partially and it was a hot night.

And Abby's face here posing with my lil bro was red as a tomato from dancing so much.

Abby said let's do it, so we got ready and we were on our way. His set was to start at 11:00 p.m. and we got there way before that so we went inside and waited for him. No cover charge meant more drinks, now don't think I am a drunk or anything but if you go out dancing with a beautiful lady there have to be some drinks, je je je. The Film Bar only offers sodas, locally brewed beers and wine.

"DJ Melo" doing what he does best. He truly is a Master Mixer.

The crowd was eclectic and young. When we walked in the DJ played some world music highlighting music from Pakistan. Against the walls there were long benches with a small table in front but everywhere else you would find lots and lots of vinyl covered ottoman like stools that you could grab and drag around the place to sit. We immediately liked this place and just had fun looking at the people dance while sipping on our wine.

Just before 11:00 my brother showed up but he didn't start his set until midnight. So we had some drinks with him while we waited. He said the cumbias he was about to play were really not the conventional cumbias we know but said we would like it. Not only did we like it but we danced his whole set with Abby and I opening up and little by little the place was full with people dancing.

Nawww, people say we do but we don't look alike... or do we?

George introduced us to his friend whom organizes the event and later on he gave us a couple of shout outs, that made us feel kind of special.

All in all, a wonderful night very different to what we were accostumed but very enjoyable nevertheless.

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