Monday, July 11, 2011

California Bound

My trusty steed digging that hole on the highway as my mom predicted.

Wow, I guess my staycation started three weeks ago when I took a road trip to California to go pick Abby up so she could stay here with us for a couple of weeks. I left as always on a Thursday afternoon right after work and made it to La Puente by 10:00 pm. As always the drive was pretty uneventful and if you know me I'm always looking for that photo op, there are always so many wonderful things along the road and in those truck stops to photograph.

Here are a couple of good examples of what I'm talking about:

These were not there before but now they sit there just waiting to be photographed.

For me stopping at Chiriaco Summit is always a highlight and a place to go shutter crazy.
As usual I have to convince my sister that feeding me as soon as I get there is a really good thing to do, so this time she waited for me with some "verdolagas en chile verde con carne de puerco". What? You don't know what that is, just trust me it's good.

Verdolagas con chile verde y carne de puerco.
Not actually hers. I borrowed this image from the Internet.
But boy are they similar looking.

The only snug came when I hit the upland area, traffic was backed up due to road construction but I was lucky enough to somehow pass a whole bunch of cars by stayin on the left and merge until there no longer was any room to go any further. Rude? I say not, I did this fast and painless and in a very orderly fashion cause that's how I roll.

Abby joined us and we stayed up until around 1:00 then we went to rest. After a long trip and with a semi full stomach I think I put my head on the pillow and in a matter of about a second or so I was fast asleep.

The plan was to get to La Puente, eat, and head back to Phoenix but when Abby's kids as if by magic would be together the next day I had to change the plans so I could go meet them, but that my friends is another story.



ChrisJ said...

Always on the go, Jose. Soon there will be tracks on the road between Phoenix and CA. Thought of you when seeing that great dust storm over Phoenix.

Jose said...

Unless you were caught in it while driving, it was a beautiful and magestic thing to see. Of course there was sand all over the place not to mention the cars which by the way mine had been washed two hours before it hit.

Next road trip will be in a week and a half as we will go all the way to Sonoma California for a baby shower.

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