Tuesday, August 02, 2011

ABC Wednesday -- "C"

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So today it's Letter "C" for ABC Wednesday.

Joe Cool and "Cosita" taking a walk through some fields in Gilroy.

The letter "C" is for:

"Cosita" and Cars.

This one is pretty easy for me. Being an automobile enthusiast the obvious choice for me to highligt this week is cars. It is becoming our pastime to spot a car on the freeway and if we like it we catch up to it and snap a few pics. Fun stuff and something to do in those crowded L.A. freeways. But first meet Abby's little dog "Cosita" (Little Thing).

So, here we go I may have to many cars to highlight so bear with me and just enjoy them.

The emblems said Ferrari but I kept thinking this is a Toyota Spyder. Ummm! I liked it nevertheless.

A favorite stop of mine everytime I go to California is Chiriaco Summit. There are so many photo ops here it's amazing. I have captured many images of this place and it seems everytime I pass by they have something new for me to photograph. Last time I drove by they had these:

Obviously these have seen better days yet they looked so magestic where the sat.

We went to Sedona and this is what a saw:

This one hanging from the ceiling.

And this one flying down the highway. OK no just cruising down the street.


Betty F said...

Love the cars

Anonymous said...

I love cars too and especially the ones that rear to zoom like the Ferraris.. I would call them Cosita on a leash !! wouldn't you? :)

Pheno, ABC Team

chubskulit said...

Cool cars!

Please come and see my C, thanks a lot!

ChrisJ said...

So who is Cosita? I know you love cars but I would much rather meet Cosita.
:} :} :}

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