Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Emma's Fifth Birthday

Happy birthday Emma.

Last Saturday my niece celebrated her daughter's 5th birthday. I believe I may have published a picture of her in this blog back when she was pregnant. Actually that particular post was the sixth post in this blog (Click Here To Read It). How does time goes by so fast? Why is it that now that I am older I feel it swoosh over my head? When I think about how fast time goes by all I can think of is saying "Wow" and then can't help but think that I am getting old.

Here she is with her mom, her grandma, and great grandma. I just love this picture.

Another funny thing I noticed is that the majority of the guests this weekend were also in attendance five years ago, I think my niece has a good friendship stability.
Her friend baked this very pretty Hello Kitty cake. Wow, people nowadays are getting so creative. Not only did it look good but it tasted pretty good too.

Hello Kitty!

In my world, birthday celebrations like this one are endless, part of having such a huge united family. A good example of this is; my mom's birthday was yesterday and my sister's will be tomorrow. It is not uncommon for us to have celebrations back to back, or on the same day forcing us to either pick and choose or attend both for a shorter period of time.

As always Joe Cool's candid camera was out and about and here are some of those moments I captured during the fiesta.


Here I am with the birthday girl.

And here she is with her great grandma.

The dad and her princess!

Emma and Fr. Prospero. Father Prospero is here visiting from Congo in Africa.

Blowing the candles off. Happy Birthday to you and many more Emma.


Anonymous said...

Beautifull post. Thankyou brothercito!

Chely said...

Awww, Emma looks so big. And that Cake is so pretty. I'm glad you captured it for us!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tio again for such a beautiful post and then taking me back 5years ago when Emma was in my tummy... Love you Tio <3
Love Vane

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful birthday birthday girl!

Sandy said...

Happy belated birthday to Emma.

I think your momma is so beautiful. I once saved a photo off that you had posted of struck me and I was hoping to draw/paint it...but life got so busy.

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