Friday, August 05, 2011

Meet Cosita


If you know me then you know that I am not a pet person, I just cannot commit to their care, I think it's too big a responsibility so I have learned to like and enjoy the pets of others when I get the chance but then I know when I am gone they stay.

However Abby does own a pet and therefore I too will be the co-owner of said pet, and to top it off said pet seems to like me as she never barks at me and comes to me on command. So it is with pleasure and as a request of my dear friend ChrisJ that I introduce to you "Cosita" (Little thing).

Cosita is an eight year old female chihuahua that has captured my heart as well as my attention. During our 12 hour road trip from La Puente to Cotati it was my duty and my pleasure to take her out for a walk which in many cases turned into jogging around various parking lots and it was actually fun. A couple of times when I stepped out of the car she actually cried for me, awww I felt the love. It was like, "Hey jogging partner, where in the heck are you going without me?"

So, needless to say we have inevitably bonded and I too look forward to having her here with us and maybe taking our walks around the lake. Oh yes, I know she will really enjoy that very much.

Feed me mama!

Cosita and I in some fields in Gilroy, California.

"Grrrrrrrrr Cosita you sexy thing, why don't you dump this fool that has you by the leash and come with me into those fields of love in front of us" I bet you that's what "Blacky" there was saying to Cosita.


Story goes that while Abby was visiting me here in Phoenix Cosita had to stay behind in La Puente and was to be doggysat by her niece Alexis but somewhere along the line Cosita got depressed and would cry, I imagine for Abby. So Rosie, Abby's youngest sister stepped up to the plate and took over the care of Cosita. Needless to say they bonded and here in this picture the had all gone to the park and after biking for over an hour they were all exhausted. So, too pooped to do anything else they all just layed on the grass and chilled.

We were chillin in the park
Just waiting for the sun to go down (On a Sunday afternoon)
It was Rosie, Jade, and Cosita
A Lighter Shade of Brown (On a Sunday afternoon)


Crystal said...

Hahahaha at Blacky's dialogue!

and I loove the last picture ♥

ChrisJ said...

Love the 'AWWWWW' picture. Cosita is a perfect playmate. Did you see that news video where two thugs with hoods on tried to rob a 7/11 store? The store's Chiuaua attacked them and the last scene is of them high-tailing it out of the store with the little dog chasing them at their heels! That'll teach them!
Hugs and scratches behind the ears for Cosita!

Rosie said...

LOL... love the blog. she is one special doggy. So when do i get to read a log about myself cunado?lol , i have a good pic of cosita taking a nap with me and Jade gonna send it to u.

Wanda said...

Jose....Molly is proud of you...a new co pet owner...and you look pretty dang happy!!

Glad you joined us pet owners. Be careful...she'll capture you heart.

Jose said...

Ha ha Wanda, Molly would be proud of me. If she would only see me running around the parking lots with Cosita.

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