Friday, September 02, 2011

ASU vs. UC Davis


Due to the economy it had been a while since one of my trucking company reps had asked me to join him in a dinner and a football game but that's exactly what happened Thursday. On Wednesday I received the call and was asked if I was interested, of course I said yes since I had no plans to travel to California this weekend.

So I was to meet him immediately after 4:00pm at Z-Tejas in Tempe. I expected traffic to get there but got none so even though I left at almost 4:20 by 4:40 I was there, good thing he too was there already otherwise I would have had to wait.

We had a couple of drinks, don't know the name of the drink but it involved blue Gatorade and Patron tequila. Two of those and I was a happy camper and ready to see ASU whip UC Davis's butt. Game was to start at 7:00pm so we stayed at Z-Tejas drinking an eating until it was time to walk over to the stadium.

The whole stadium is always a sea of yellow.

The spread point was 35 points, by half time we were like almost 30 points. We walked out a little bit before the fourth quarter started and that's when UC Davis scored two touchdowns. Not being a sports fun I love it when I go and watch a game and the home team wins.

There were many of these as the Devils scored over 40 points.

As for the outings, they are usually totally awesome. I like being wined and dined.

Stadium up ahead!

Just a small amount of all the tickets to the different outings over the years.


Anonymous said...

I heard the heat was awful at that game Jose.. Our qb had problems with Spasms.. Love your board with all your memories

Chely said...

I loved the board too. Pretty Cool. (no pun intended)

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