Thursday, September 01, 2011

John Adams Jr. High

Taking a look at the halls inside those doors.

It was a fun outing, not only did Abby and I went to visit the priest at St. Vincent de Paul in Los Angeles but afterwards we decided to take a trip down memory lane as well. Many of you don't know this but I have known Abby since she was like 14 years old and even though at different times we both went to the same Jr. High School in Los Angeles.

John Adams Jr. High School.

John Adams Jr. High School now John Adams Middle School was the first school I attended, starting in the 8th grade I only did two years there then it was off to High School.

In my days this area used to be all open, now it's filled with tables and even flowers.

It was a totally new world to me. I didn't speak a word of English, fresh from Mexico I was stuck in a school that required no uniforms (In Mexico uniforms are a must), the student population was 90% black, 9.9% Mexican, and .01% white. lol At least it kindda felt that way.

There was a tunnel to cross from the main campus to the PE and shops area and believe me, if you were Mexican you found out really quick to NEVER cross the tunnel by yourself or you would get an ass whooping. Fun times!

Right behind the tree across the street is the tunnel exit and beyond that the PE area. The building in the back housed the shops and the boys showers.

I remember one day we came in to movie cameras and stuff. Later on we found out our school was used to film a part of an episode of "Barretta". Wow, the memories. In any case those were two years I will always remember. Three hours of my everyday were destined for my ESL classes. I remember thinking (In Spanish by the way) why are they teaching me English? This is LA, Spanish is the main language.

A mural. "Don't drink and drive". Hopefully middle school kids are not driving yet.

Any way, it is always nice to go to those places you were a part of when young and of course we took some pictures too.


Chely said...

Awww, the memmories =) This school is dear to me as well, since that's were I met Abby, Eva & Leonor. Three very good friends to this day.

Loved the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I've gone back to my high school a few times.. In Torrance.. Hardly can find it now with all the building around it. Love the photos... Glad you did learn English.. :)

Sandy said...

I like to do that too, visit all the old places. funny you mention the breakdown of people at your school. When we moved to california from Kansas I was 10 and my dad moved out here to work at LAPD. We moved right into the heart of LA, on Normandy and ....6th or something like that. My sis and I were the "only" white kids in school. That felt pretty strange. We went to that school for about six months before we moved to Covina.

I enjoyed seeing the pics..

lilie said...

i LOVE this school . so many great memories ! i can't believe a picture of my mural design is up :'] class or 2011's mural :D

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