Sunday, September 04, 2011

Farewell Father Prosper

My mom, my niece Marya, Father Prosper, and my sister Elena.

Today was an emotional day at church, there are those that in a short period of time steal your heart and that was the case of Father Prosper from Congo whom was here for about two months visiting.

Alfred, Father Prosper, and I.

Fr. Prosper has many gifts and one of them is that he speaks about six languages as he has traveled, studied, and lived in many parts of the world including The Vatican. Today during his farewell speech he stated that he came a poor man but that he goes back to his country with a new found wealth, the one of a new language as he got to practice his Spanish during these two months.

Members of the "Caminando Con Cristo" choir posing with Father Prosper.

I noticed he was getting better and better as the days went by. My niece invited him to sing a song with her during the meditation after communion today and our main guitar player did not show up so they did the best next thing which is to sing it a capela.

It was an emotional moment as we all know my niece can sing but my admiration went to Fr. Prosper because in one short week he learned this song by Juan Luis Guerra and did it justice.



Wanda said...

What a precious tribute and lovely man! I'm so impressed and yet he does look like a man of humility.

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful voices and beautiful song. I love songs sung a capella. Always sad to say goodbye to a good Christian friend.

Lucky Lady said...

wish I could understand spanish sounded so pretty

Chely said...

Wow! I din't know that the original intention was not to sing a capela! That was great. I love the song and their rendition of it too. Thanks for posting it for us to enjoy. =)

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