Tuesday, September 06, 2011

ABC Wednesday -- Letter "H"

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ABC Wednesday, today it's Letter "H"

Her on a Harley.

Ummm what better way to show letter "H" than wit a suculent hamburger.

Ummmm a hamburger!
Image captured by my sister Elena.

Image captured by Abby.


Wanda said...

I knew you would have a "Harley" HaHa. But guess what....I have one for you next week. I didn't take the picture in time to use for "H" so figured out a way to use it just for you for the letter "I". Abby is so darn cute!!!!!

Chely said...

Correction my dear brother. That last image of "Hostel" was captured by me! Giving my credit away huh? =/

Jose said...

Ummmm what's a brother to assume, it was texted from Abby to me, from her phone to mine. Honest mistake. lol

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