Thursday, September 08, 2011

Disaster Zone

So, I am in the middle of a demolition derby of sorts, no room has been left untouched, most of the good furniture is out and what remains will be tossed. Lots of packing too. The idea is to give this house a total makeover and that's exactly what I will accomplish.

I imagine it will take a while for it to get to where it needs to be in it's new form but it has to be done. Well at this point there's no turning back anyway, as I said most of my stuff found a new home already.

For sure it will receive a fresh coat or two of paint through the whole house, then a new carpet, and tile in the master bedroom will have to be installed. And then lots of finishing touches here and there. Sounds like a lot but heck I am not the one that will be performing these tasks, I leave those for the pros.

I really have no clue what the final look will be but I hope that in a not too distant future I will be able to share it with you. Tell you the truth I too am curious so I will probably show me first, then sll of you. lol


Chely said...

Solamente un amor verdadero, hace todo lo posible por complacer.

Fide: Quiero que sepas que respeto tus cambios y te admiro. Porque, si yo estuviera en tu lugar, no sé si podría hacer todo lo tú te has propuesto. Y lo honro, porque yo solo deseo tu felicidad.

Con lo inesperado, llegan también cambios importantes en tu vida. Esta tarea que te has planteado es bastante grande y sé que necesitaras ayuda. Espero poderte ayudar en lo que se pueda muy pronto.

Sé que los recuerdos se llevan siempre en el corazón. Pero yo, me ato muchas veces a los recuerdos tangibles. Deseo obtener a través de esta limpieza - si es posible - algún mueble, prenda o objeto que tenga valor emocional para ti. Y así poderlo atesorar y agregar, a todo lo bonito que tu chica me dejo como parte de su bello legado.

Mi respeto inmenso para Sylvia, por ser la madre de tus tres hijos. Por enseñarnos – con su carácter fuerte – a no tener miedo a nada y siempre defender lo que amamos con un amor incondicional. Y mi respeto para Abby, por ser ahora el futuro que Dios puso en tu camino, para acompañarte, cuidarte, apoyarte y para amarte y solo Él sabe por qué.

Te quiero mucho querido hermano ~ Chely

Sandy said...

can't wait to see it.

Jose said...

Chely - Yo tambien te quiero muchy lil sis. Get over here so you can help me.

Sandy - I'll post as I make progress. I too can't wait to see what develops. :-)

Mushy said...

Going through a similar thing now...3 rooms. The stuff is finally back in them, but the walls have to be painted and new baseboard has to be installed before I can rest.

It always sounds good up until the day before the carpet men are to goes down hill from there!

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