Wednesday, November 02, 2011

KOOL FM Car Show!

The annual Cool FM carshow was once again held at Westgate City Walk in Glendale, Arizona. This is a fairly big show where you will find pretty much every kind and brand of cars on display. From the always popular Hot Rods to the not so shinny but always beautiful Rat Rods, low riders, trucks tall and low and even bikes not only the ones with shinny engines but also the ones with pedals.

For the second year in a row I find out about the show at the very last minute through my FaceBook friends, otherwise I would have taken my Pony to show. So, I got on my car and headed towards Westgate.

My friend's entries. Denver's rad Rat Rod and Don's awesome F100.

As soon as I got there I see this beauty and it's not even in the show. Wow!

One red hot Hot Rod.

Then I see four Caddies lining up in the registration line, let me tell you these Caddies were hot, however I could not get past this one as it was one beautiful sled.

Not only did I walk up and down the rows of cars but the sun was shining so much and I being the smart old dude that I am was only wearing a muscle shirt so as you may already have imagined I got a mega tan bordering on mega burn. Ouch! But even under those conditions my mission was clear, see as many cars as you can and just enjoy the show.


Chely said...

Cool! No entiendo mucho de carros. Pero estos que nos muestras aqui estan muy bonitos. =)

Anonymous said...

Thx for taking a pic of the guy touching my door. Now I can find him and chew him out for leaving fingerprints on my awesome shine! ;)))


Laurence Modithre  said...

Those vintage cars never fail to amuse me. It's good that the owners have managed to showcase the beauty of these cars in one event. This helps remind people of the beauty and hard work involved in cars and car restoration.

Kerstin Shed said...

Those are quite a collection of vintage cars. What struck me the most was the seemingly endless creativity of the manufacturers of those cars. Just when you thought you have seen them all, you will be surprised at what innovation they just might come up with. I love it!

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