Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Major Life Changes... Bring Them On

OK so the question was "Now what?" For now it's been sort of a laid back take a much deserved break and enjoy your time off kinda time but realistically this cannot last for too long or hell will break lose. For those of you that don't know what I am talking about even though by now it's old news I lost my job back in September just a week after my 21st anniversary.

Two years ago the best company that I had ever worked for was sold and change was inevitable. It was the best ride I had as far as work is concerned and I will remember my time there as some of the best time spent anywhere. Can't say enough about a workplace that was always good to me, the owner showed compassion and understanding to all his employees and was always the first one to jump in in the time of need.

He also made sure that all of his employees would get a piece of his success in a financial way as a "Thank you guys" for caring so much about this company. It even felt good when out of the kindness of his heart he made some of us partners by giving us the money to buy into the company.

However private ownership and corporate are two different things and the changes began almost immediately, add to that a really bad economy, and it was not really a big surprise to see it coming. Job security had been a topic of daily conversation as many felt and probably still feel that it can happen to anyone at any time. Then again most of us know that absolutely no one is indispensable.

With an upcoming wedding a big event like losing your job changes everything and in my experience the best way to survive is to accept it, embrace the change, and work towards a new path for the future. I truly believe it will actually be fun and in recent self evaluations I found out we won't really need much to have a comfortable and enjoyable life so future bring it on!

Yes, the job search has begun, I am ready for what I imagine will be a long and tediuous job to fill your imformation in the never ending websites as it seems no company wants to hand applications the old fashion way. Now it's all done on line where most likely your chances are 1 in 1000 and yes the "Sorry to inform you that you are not the right candidate for our company" have began coming in but I already expected that and I don't really take this notices too hard... yet!

So just remember that if any of you out there hear about some job opening and wants to recommend me go right ahead, me and my bank account will thank you dearly if I get hired somewhere. lol


Chely said...

Much Luck to you my dear brother. =)

Jose said...

Why thank you my dear sister. =)

ChrisJ said...

Jose, I'm devastated for you! I really don't know what to say for your encouragement. I hadn't seen your blog and I just assumed you'd got lost into Facebook, (which I don't do). Many prayers coming your way, my friend.

Lucky Lady said...

sorry to hear that but i am sure something will come along soon good luck

Jose said...

Hello Chris as you can see I am still here but yes I was lacking inspiration to post and no I am not depressed. lol Your prayers are much needed and very appreciated.

Louise, thank you too. I am sure something will come my way as well. Will keep you all posted on future blog posts.

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