Monday, December 26, 2011

Abby's New Ride!

Well, it wasn't to be another Ford as I wanted but new cars even the little tini wini ones are a little too expensive and since we'll probably be stuck with a payment for at least another six years it had to be something more affordable so we could have a comfortable monthly payment. So, I started scanning the available stock at the autoplex here in my neck of the woods and one car in particular caught my eye, and of all brands a Chrysler.

A dark gray convertible with a decent amount of miles on the odometer and only a year old. I had to go drive this thing and also to see if the car was as nice in person as it was in the pictures. I was not disappointed, the car indeed looks super clean and when on it's very quiet.

So... at this point I called Abby to tell her I had found a very clean and nice looking car at the price range we were looking into and that although not new the car pretty much looks new. So, I sent her this image as a teaser and then gave her the dealership's Internet addy so she could see the rest of the pics.

I think it's safe to say she saw it and liked it immediately.

As exciting as buying a car can be it also can be an unpleasant experience. Haggling and negotiating for a lower price can always take it's toll, but at this dealership there is none of that, and this will be the fifth car that has been purchased by me or a relative at this dealership and in this particular case my fiance.

Looks very nice, front and back.

So the question is will the paperwork come back from California in time for them to release the car to me so I can take it to her. I will be leaving for Cali on Wednesday and I will wait until early afternoon, otherwise I will just drive my trusty steed and we will pick it up when we come back to Phoenix on Friday.

So, although anything can go south at the last minute I think this is pretty much a done deal.

Abby, congratulations on your new set of wheels, I know you will enjoy it very much.


Tara said...

Very sharp vehicle :-)

Jose said...

I know ha! :-)

Lucky Lady said...


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