Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Decorating?

And just like that Christmas is upon us, as every year I have been having fun watching Christmas movies although my list is a lot shorter this year since I no longer have the Hallmark channel and Lifetime basically sucked as they keep repeating the two or three movies they are showing.

Holiday Switch
A Christmas Proposal
Christmas in Paradise
The Holiday
Secret Santa
Dear Santa
An Accidental Christmas
Comfort and Joy
A Diva's Christmas Carol
Fred Claus
A Christmas Strike
Nothing Like the Holidays
The Road to Christmas
A Nanny for Christmas
Deck The Halls
Four Christmases

I used to get very substantial bonuses when I was working which year after year allowed me to buy a little something to almost every family member, but this year that changed so I called my magical daughter Michelle and gave her the task to take me shopping for Christmas presents for the kids and told her I was on a very tight budget. So armed with little money and a great attitude we left and when the girl at the register finished ringing all the items I was still left with three dollars to spare. Michelle you are magical indeed, thank you for the help.

As much as I love Christmas I normally don't do the lights on the house, I think the one year I did them they stayed up until that house was sold. However I love to see a Christmas tree and for one reason or another started getting Santas for Christmas and before I realized it I had a fairly big collections of Santa's. I grab a new Santa every chance I get. The best time to find things like this is right after Christmas as all the stores lower the prices to almost nothing. Oh, this year, my Santas also remain in a box in my garage.

Don't get me wrong, I am in a Christmas mood but I have been in a house deconstruction mode and so this year I am skipping all the decorating aspects of the season. But I am enjoying the religious side of it which should be the most important part to begin with.

As I write this I am listening to some of the Christmas Carols we will be singing during our Christmas Eve mass, and also going over the readings to be more prepared to listen to mass.

Since I am not decorating the house at least I made sure this post had plenty of lights.


Chely said...

Hay que hacer ajustes. =) I liked your decorations!

Chely said...

P.S. And I haven't heard of ANY of the Christmas Movies you've posted. =/

Jose said...

Half of the movies are from Lifetime Channel the other half are popular big screen movies. Fred Claus, Four Christmases, The Holiday, Deck the Halls are big screen movies.

En cuanto a hacer ajustes, absolutely.

Michelle said...

Well I have decorated! My little living room is quite cute. I don't have too many decorations to my collection yet (hey I've only been doing this on my own for 2 years) but I am hoping to score some stuff after Xmas. We'll see. As far as movies I have been watching at least if not two a day since thanksgiving! So every night is a holiday movie! A few I have watched twice this season, once alone or with jr, and once with the kids. Like nightmare before Christmas, the grinch (my favorite), Charlie brown Christmas. And I still have them saved so I hope to watch then again. We've watched all the santa clauses too. I looooove christmastime!

ChrisJ said...

We finished decorating yesterday! We too are downsizing. I do hope your job situation improves soon.

Have a truly wonderful and blessed Christmas. I know you will with all your family around.

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