Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yes Make Mine a Ford Please!

Ford, Fiesta

It actually looks like a nice little car to have, I bet it will be super economical on gas and sits four or five. Wow! But honest, does this look like guacamole green to you?

Fiesta: [fee-es-tuh; Sp. fyes-tah] (Party) -- A festival or a festive celebration.
It has to be fate, Abby's car has been screaming to be replaced and last week it kindda gave up and left her stranded at her own house. She needed to drive from Lancaster to La Puente to pick up her daughter and so she tried to rent a car from her cell phone but she was not successful, so I did it for her from Phoenix and according to the rental company she was to get a Chevrolet Aveo as I asked for a compact car.

She called me to let me know that she had picked up the car and that she actually liked it. What? She likes a Chevrolet? Well it turns out she did not get an Aveo but a 2011 Ford Fiesta and although it wasn't her favorite color (she called it guacamole green) she said it is a really nice little car and that now that we are on the marked for a new car she would be happy with something like that.

So, I think we will continue to be a Ford family and a little Ford will maybe join us pretty soon.

Hummmm we will see?


Michelle said...

Yeah the color scares me a little... but the car is so cute!

Jose said...

Green is my favorite color so I kindda favored this one but being that the car will be her tranportation she will pick the color. This Fiestas are pretty small so I figure they had to be very economical. My only concern is can they take the punishmnt of long trips as we plan to take quite a few. :-)

Chely said...

Well, bien dice el dicho "No hay mal que por bien no venga."

I know for a fact that Abby should have purchased a new car a long time ago. This current car of hers was just eating up her money.

Well wishes for future purchases of a new addition. =)

Jose said...

Yeah, we think it's about time she gets something more reliable and of course she is looking for cute too. lol

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