Sunday, January 15, 2012

Family Get Together

On a Sundy afternoon...

Michelle and Nichole looking pretty and I believe hungry.

There is nothing like spending a Sunday in the company of your kids and grand kids, this blog doesn't really have a theme but if you look in the archives you will see that it has always focus on family and family life, and yes, mine in particular. I am pleased to see that we always pull through the adversities life may throw at us and we do so with unity, hope, and love, and lots of it.

That be me and Nikki. The pizza was just a hold me down until the real food was ready

During these past two years my little family has experienced many changes and little by little we are adapting to them, for a little while there I felt like we were all heading in different directions as part of the changes as well as the growth of the individual families, at times we all seem to just plain struggle but we are all making it one way or another.

When adversity comes knocking I am always amazed to see how fast my kids round up together and unite and start helping one another, this gives me a great sense of pride and to some point of accomplishment. My son is going through a rough time in his life and again not only my daughters but also my two son's in law have been there for him and it is so nice to see how he is thanking each one of us just by showing us some very positive changes. Yes, in this case actions are louder than words.

Michelle and El Daddy~O.

So for three Sundays in a row we have gotten together as a family and just enjoy each other's company weather by cooking or watching the football games, but mostly cooing, but as I told them, next week you're all on your own because this kid here will be making his first trip of the year to good ol' crowded Southern California, specifically the La Puente area.

I rock when it comes to cooking, today I prepared this finger licking good gallinita pivil.


Betty F said...

You and your family have always been an inspiration to me. I'm sorry to hear your son is going through a bad time-- I hope all gets better for him and you all soon.

That plate looks GOOD.. I WANT some.. :)

Jose said...

Thank you Betty, your family is very similar to mine in how united we are, I too love reading about your trips to Cali and your family gatherings. May they continue to happen for many yars to come. (((hugs)))

ChrisJ said...

Family is what it's all about, Jose -- as you know.

Sandy said...

Fun family you have, I can tell by the photos.

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