Monday, January 16, 2012

My Monday!

Hanging with Mr. Cool.

First of all if my daughter wants to take me to the movies in the morning she has to call me at the very least with one hour of anticipation and not with just ten minutes, so when she said oh did I wake you I was like huh, well yeah! So no, I did not go with them to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D.

Then she called again on her way back and asked if I was home. "Good hook us up with breakfast cause I am starving" she said, so I cooked this potatoes and egg brunch topped with my delicious home made red salsa and we had some really good tacos. At first the kids said they didn't want some, then they kept coming back for more thus reaffirming the fact that I am a great cook.

Mr. Diego's head was looking like a chia pet so I kidnapped him and kept him with me all day. We went to the Barber Shop were he received a nice buzz and then we came back to the house were we just kicked back and had a good time doing nothing.

Hanging with these little kid is one of the easiest things to do. He may be only eight but he totally acts and I think he truly believes he is much older than that. Never bugs, does not demand that we buy him things and if I do buy him things he always things about his three sisters first, he is full of kind words for everyone and basically just loves us unconditionally. Those that know him will agree with me that it is very easy to love him.

Later, we decided to watch a movie and Garfield was the movie he picked, so Garfield it was. Then my daughter said to come over to her house and to return her kid and she would pay me some tostadas as ransom. So after briefly weighing the options I was sitting in front of three tostadas and a very talkative Rapunzel.

No doubt God is good and he takes care of me through my family. Me, I just cherish the love that comes my way and pray to God that it doesn't ever end.

1 comment:

Chely said...

Everything sounded perfect. Except for that hair cut que le diste al pobre de Diego. Ya ni na haces! Tan bien que se veia. Al contrario, le faltaba crecer un poco mas para que le dieran un estilo. =p

Needless to say, no me gustan las cabezas rapadas. Nope!

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