Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Adventures in California

On the road again! California bound, destination La Puente.

It is safe to say that I am getting way too familiar with I-10 between Avondale and La Puente. I know the gas stations, truck stops, towns, rest stops, casinos, freeways, etc. etc. I know that on marker 71 Maricopa county ends and La Paz county begins, and I know that from the top of the hill to my gas stop exit in Quartzite there are 11 miles.

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." -- Henry Miller

Yes, I am getting too familiar with I-10 to the point where the five and a half hour drive is not that bad. Of course driving the 07 Pony is very enjoyable too. The seats are comfortable, the radio plays music straight from my DX memory card and won't repeat a song throughout the whole trip, the cruise control is very useful but I still prefer to have full control on the gas so I don't use it much, and sucker is pretty fast too.

The Post Office and The West Coast Vietnam Wall
In Chiriaco Summit, California

So this past trip was very nice, again I don't mind the five and a half hour drive to get there but I can tell you that the 45 minute mile and a half drive from Hacienda Blvd. to Azusa Blvd. in heavy Saturday traffic was extremely frustrating. No, I didn't see no accidents, traffic was just that bad and I have to ask myself how is it that the locals say "Oh this is not that bad". I understand that when you don't have a choice you kindda have to adapt and overcome but to anyone that is not used to that kind of traffic it is totally frustrating and upsetting.

We stroke out on finding a venue for the wedding but will continue to set appointments and I am confident that we will find something soon. We better!

Yahoo weather told me there would be rain over the weekend, well, Yahoo was right, however the rain came at night so Saturday and Sunday were actually very rain free. Monday was not as lucky as it rained most of the day. I left La Puente at noon and the rain followed me all the way to Palm Springs, at times it was raining so much that I could only see two cars ahead of me and my wipers were working on overtime. Then clear skies for about an hour and then rain again but not as hard all the way into Buckeye.

My honey and I posing for a picture in between dancing and singing.

I had a great time with my honey. We joined my sister at Casa Cabral on Friday night for some karaoke and lots of dancing. I was in a dancing mood. Karaoke rotation in Cali is a bit different than here in Phoenix. There you write your name, you get called and then if you don't write your name down again you are S.O.L. which defeats the term "rotation", so I got to sing a song and as I was saying good bye got a chance to sing a second song. Oh well!

Having good fun and dancing our little feet tired.

Well, each time I go there it's obviously a new adventure and I am sure there are more to follow during the next five months.


Betty F said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!

Jose said...

It was, but then again we make them wonderful by having fun and enjoying eachother's company.

Sandy said...

Have LOTS of fun.

I haven't been to Chiriaco summit since I use to visit my dad in Tombstone.

and that's been a long time.

Jose said...

Very small place but full of photo ops. The General Patton museum, the West Coast Vietnam Wall, the old school gas station, all the old stuff laying around everywhere, the virgin's shrine, old hot rods, vintage tractors and on and on. The cafe got a make over and they built a convenience store across from it. Still small place but very different from even ten years ago.

Wanda said...

Fun, fun the pictures, love a happy Jose and Abby!

MrManuel said...

You always look like you are having so much fun!

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