Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What's On Your Reading List?

So once again I have taken up on reading, this is something I always enjoy and do often and then I go on long reading hiatus and then I pick it up again. So at the beginning of the year I picked up "The Broker" by John Grisham.

I have been I Grisham fan since an ex co-worker of mine put it in my hands. That book was "The Firm". "The Broker" follows in the same line as most of his books and to me they are very entertaining and worth reading. Hollywood stopped adapting his books into movies but if you remember lots of his novels were made into movies. Most of the time the adaptations were pretty good and for the most part followed the book.

Yes, I think I will go and find the few books of his I haven't read because I know his are always very entertaining.

When I told my daughter that I had finished "The Broker" she said she had a couple of books that I might like and brought them to me. The one I am currently reading and that I will probably finish tonight is "Water For Elephants" by Sara Gruen.

I have a thing that if I ever watch a movie based on a book and I haven't read the book I will never pick it up. The beauty of reading is that of putting your spin on the images being painted by the writer. When I read I have mental pictures of how I think or interpret how the characters should look but if I watch the movie when I pick the book it makes me see the actors and thus limiting my imagination and I hate that. I watched, the movies "It", "The Green Mile", and "Misery" before reading the books, well needless to say I doubt I'll ever pick them up.

When I read "The Firm" my friend told me the movie was in the making and that Tom Cruise would play the main character. Well I am a Tom Cruise fan so I was fine with that but as I read the book I kept seeing Tom Cruise and not Mitch McDeere. With Water for Elephants I made the mistake to see the movie trailer on Youtube and now as I was reading about Jacob Jankowski I kept seeing "Cedric/Edward" in my mind, so basically I was connecting two other movies where Robert Pattinson started.

Well, having those images didn't stop me and I really liked the book. Catching a glimpse of the gypsy life those poor souls lived back then, not knowing what the next day would bring and yet sticking around if only for the food and the sense of belonging. If you haven't read the book pick it up, it is pretty good. Now I will make it a point to pick up the movie this weekend. I know movies in many cases don't even come close to the book but I will hope this one is not too bad. By the way, I love watching movies based on books that I read because I like to see how well they can adapt them into a two hour movie.

Next book is, "In The Name of Honor" by Richard North Patterson. Looks like it may be good, and hopefully I will find new writers that I can follow for a while.

Some of the writers that I have read many of their books are: Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, Dan Brown, John Grisham, and a few others.


Betty F said...

I'll have to try water for elephants... My favorite Grishm book was "A Time to Kill" and recently The last Juror.. Of course I listen to them now a days.. I finished up the Last Juror on my way to an appointment and couldn't stop crying... THEN I missed the 60 fwy and got lost... LOL

Jose said...

"A Time to Kill" was the second Grisham book I read. I liked the bood and I liked the movie. I think Matthew Macconaughey come out to light thanks to this movie. I have yet to read "The Last Juror". LOL about you getting lost on the 60. I do recomend you read "Water for Elephants" you will like it. I will pick up the movie this weekend.

ChrisJ said...

For some reason your blog doesn't come up on my blog list to read, so I keep getting behind.

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