Friday, January 06, 2012


I refuse to feel threatened if I have not done anything wrong, I have that power in me and I am thankful for it but sometimes living in a state like Arizona many people that also have done nothing wrong do live in fear.

OK living here illegally does constitute doing something wrong under the law of the United States but you know that popular saying that says "All rules are meant to be broken" sort of come into place here. Because if by breaking this one rule you as a father or mother can provide better for your family by honestly working and earning your keep then you cannot be considered a burden but an asset.

You have to experience this to understand, and in my case I did. Yes I am now an American citizen but that was not always the case, and I do thank my parents for giving me and my sisters a better life here in the U.S. than if we would have stayed in Mexico. Yes, they broke man's law but worked hard to repair whatever harm they may have caused by doing this. The outcome is my whole family, a product of love and sacrifice are all good citizens of this country, of our state, and of our community and are in no way a burden to this country.

My story is repeated over and over throughout the entire country and the few that may actually be bad seeds are a very minimum percentage. So education is key, we must educate our children and teach them right from wrong, don't wait til they get the warped notion of this on the streets. I know my kids without a doubt love everybody regardless of what nationality or color they are.

We only get one life to live, so I hope those I love live it well. Then there are those that waste valuable time on things such as hate and prejudice. I have to wonder what kind of home environment these kids live in. What would posses two seemingly nice teenage girls to fire up a camcorder and record what seem minute after minute of uninterrupted hate, voicing out what obviously are their beliefs but shamelessly based on hate towards their fellow man.

I say shame on you parents that allow your kids to do this, and shame on you if your kids learned this by example and are not doing anything other than following in your footsteps.

If you want to know what prompted this post just watched the attached youtube link. I know some of you will be in pro of this and some in con and in the end God Bless America because we have freedom of speech and are entitled to our own opinions.

On a side note, us Mexicans do like burritos and God forbid if they are bean burritos we can be lethal if you know what I mean. ;-)


kika said...

lol cunao! I love the hast part about the burritos!!

Jose said...

LOL Just being honest here. :-)

Nikki Darling said...

Ignorance at its finest.

Jose said...

To quote Mr T. "I pitty the fools" lol

Sandy said...

OMG I couldn't even listen to more than a minute. Ignorance is rampant it seems.

In times like this I'm embarrassed to be Caucasian.

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