Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Thousand and One Nights

I didn't even realize it until right now, after blog surfing and commenting for a while I came back to my own dashboard and then I noticed that yesterday's post was in fact my 1000th post. I guess this means that in the span of the past five plus years I have probably written 1000 little stories. Who would have thought I would keep this for this long? In June the blog will be six years old already, let's see how many more stories we can tell in the future.

I am surprised that Blogger is still very much strong, I think blogging took a downfall with the birth of Facebook but as far as I am concern as long as blogger is still alive so will my posts. Facebook and blogging to me are like night and day. Facebook is for a day to day but blogger is a progressive tale of my family life and is archived here for you to see.

So, today would be sort of the 1001 night for blogging, well kindda. What would you do if one night you come home and find out that you don't have keys to open it and the kids are cold and just plain want to go inside and attack their rooms and their beds? Well, that was the case on one particular night and me being the smart man that I am first searched to see if just by chance any of the window may have been left unlatched, which this particular night was not the case.

I don't even have a number for a locksmith so what is the next logical thing. Hummm I remember back in the other house I had to replace a kitchen window and after I took it out myself and took the frame to a glass shop the window was only around $8.00 dollars so there, that was my answer let's brake a kitchen window. So I took a deep breath and wacked it with a hammer, to my surprise it bounced back so another deep breath and bam success, or at least partial success. I didn't know windows in new houses were double paned.

Sooooo, one, two, three, and BAM! Second pane is now also broken, finally access to our house. Fast forward to the next day, and I am trying to figure out how to take the window out, strike one cause I could just not figure it out, all my manly family members gave it a try and strike two, no success, so I call a glass shop. After giving them the 411 on what I needed I found out that there was like a $75.00 fee for them just to go see it and measure it so Mr Smart a.k.a. as me said well have no fear I can measure it for you, so I did.

Well, based on what you are telling me double paned window with these dimentions the replacements will run you approximately $450.00 installation included. Ahh! Did you say $450.00 I think we need to hold on as I need to check my finances which at that time were hitting a regular low. Strike three!

People I knew all tried to figure out how to handle this on our our own but no luck.
Well people I am happy to report that some 3654 day after that insident, our phones now find the nearest locksmith, you can probably google how to brake into your own house, you can call a family member that has a key to your house and so on and you can also finally replace that darn broken window.

Yes, after ten years the window has finally been replaced and to my fiance locking the front door of the house will once again make sence. lol

This also proves that I live in a good neighbourhood. And that cardboard boxs make good interim window panes He, he, he!


ChrisJ said...

Congratulations, Jose. That's a lot of writing! I also wondered about facebook -v- Blogger. But facebook is too available and far reaching for me. I like a little privacy and I'm not too comfortable with broadcasting myself to bunches and bunches of people. It all goes along with my shy and retiring personality - HA!

Jose said...

Can't say I blame you Chris, but at this point my life is such an open book. lol It however is exciting to reach the 1000 mark which is not easy.

Chely said...

Congratulations on the Blogging! Nodding head on the window incident.

$8 dollars to replace the glass!!! Estas loco! Pero bueno, solo a ti se te ocurren estas cosas.

Sandy said...

Wow, 1000 posts. I know I've hit that on a couple blogs but haven't really noticed when the actual time was. I think my Nature blog is the only original one - I'll have to go check now.

Funny story about the window...glad it's replaced and all is well...

I have tried but I can't get into Facebook - too open, blogger feels more private.

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