Monday, February 27, 2012

American Chopper - Senior vs. Junior

So I have been a fan of what many may consider a stupid show but to me it has many of the elements that I like and value. At first glance the show was designed to highlight and showcase those awesome, expensive, and sometimes useless custom motorcycles, but most of us learned pretty quick that the show was taking shape as a drama without a script where father and son constantly fought and yet worked together to produce some of the most amazing and pretty bikes.

While many motorcycle shows came and went, American Chopper has survived for ten years and I still sit on Monday night first watching a bunch of reruns while waiting for the new episode to air.

So apparently the show was successful for six years and then the never ending father and son fights got so intense that Sr. and Jr. parted ways. This in itself would take all the mystique out of the show, after all the formula for six years had been the fights, the tantrums, the destroying and throwing things around and with Jr. gone you could finally count on the show being cancelled.

Now the show has been revived as both OCC and now PJD "compete" for companies to hire them to build them a theme bike, which is what they had specialized in, and I once again find myself hooked on the show.

I like the show, I like the characters, and I like the bikes and it seems both companies are being successful but for four years they had gone to court, sue each other, and apparently gone all this time without speaking to each other and I can't help but think that if that was me I would be going crazy.

There is just no way that I could ever lose a grip of what family life is, in my world without your family you are nothing and then think how fortunate I am to have them around to bug the heck out of me at will. I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

So, if at all, this show aside from entertaining me, it also reminds me of how important my family is to me and how essential it is for me to have them around, if in fact the Teutuls are estranged they better get their act together because life is too short and wasted days will never come back.

You think I could ever go without this guy? Of course not!

Or without this one? Nope!

Or this one? Nope, nope, nope!

I love my kids and they need to be in my life, that is just a simple fact.

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