Monday, April 02, 2012

Cave Creek - Part 2

Why part two? Well, cause this part has nothing to do with bike week or motorcycles, this has to do with the charm and beauty of the City of Cave Creek. This is such a cool destination, if you are visiting the Phoenix area the 50-mile drive will totally be worth it.

Art galleries, restaurants, shops, and lots of desert scenery. As we were on our way Abby noticed that the saguaros were flipping us off, ha ha at least that's what many of them look like. The Cave Creek Fiesta Days include a rodeo and many activities. When I was active in the car club I would participate in their Fiesta Days parade. Lot's of fun.

In this post I will just show you a bunch of images I captured on last Wednesday.

While I was snapping pictures left and right I took this picture of Abby and noticed that she was making a face. So I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing was wrong, actually she said "This is kind of too right".

Here's Abby making an ewwwwwww kind of face. Look at where she is looking at!

Yes, she thought the bulls were made too politically correct (*wink *wink) if you know what I mean.

I don't think there has been a time when Abby and I go out and don't have lots of fun. This was such an occasion. It is fun visiting places that are within a few miles of our neck of the woods.

Greetings from Cave Creek.


Chely said...

The Bulls were too Politically Correct. Jejeje

Ay Abby!

Siempre eh dicho que es MUY observadora.

Jose said...

Pero le viste la cara de fuchi que hacia? Je je je.

Sandy said...

I like that photo at the bottom with both of you.

Jose said...

Thank you Sandy. There's always some nice person that offers to take the picture of the two of us. Most of the time she is posing and I am just firing away. lol

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