Monday, April 02, 2012

Cave Creek

Well, Arizona Bike Week came and went and me being kindda broke couldn't really take any of the major rides but Abby and I did hopped on the Fatboy and headed towards Cave Creek last Wednesday. The day was sunny, the weather was beautiful, no need for jackets or sweaters, just a t-shirt and that was that.

Cave Creek is a 65-mile ride from Avondale up the 101 to the 17 and then exit on Carefree Highway and go east until you get to Cave Creek, once there you will be transported to the old west. You will find eclectic shopping, art galleries, the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and a plethora of restaurants. Cave Creek is a well known biker destination and many of the restaurants and bars are biker friendly.

Cave Creek was in the middle of their "Fiesta Days" so cowboy cook-outs and even the rodeo were in full swing. But Abby and I didn't do any of that, we just took a nice leisure ride, our destination was the world famous HIdeaway Grill, a very well known biker destination.

Because it was "Bike Week" they had a band, vendors, and lots and lots of bikes. We stayed there for a while and then decided to see some more of the town. We did some shopping but mostly window shopping, there Abby proposed to me and even gave me a ring.

The ride back to Phoenix was faster than the ride going, our destination was my mom's house for one of her very awesome home cooked meal.

Bobbers, baggers, customs, and my beautiful fiance.

A good rider has balance, judgment, and good timing. So does a good husband and wife.

We, had an awesome time, and as always I took too many pictures, but that is just the way I like it. It's always fun to sit by the lap top and see all the images, right away you start to reminisce about the day and the outing.

Oh, to say I love my life would be an understatement.


Sandy said...

I was catching up here and just wanted to tell you I enjoyed all the photos and your posts. How is Abby's dad doing? I hope his recuperation is going along good~ prayers for his quick recovery.

Jose said...

Sandy, I am happy to report that he started recuperating right away, considering he had a quadruple bypass. No doubt God is great and prayers such as yours always work miracles. I thank you very much.

We had a blast. We haven't had a chance to ride more often but that will change soon. :-)

Chely said...

Abby proposed to you and even gave you a ring??? 0__0

Jose said...


Sandy said...

So glad to read he is doing so good! Yeah!

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