Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Birthday To You Both!

Granpa and his two birthday princesses.

So, today was the dual birthday celebration for Ariele and Atalie, they turned 4 and 2 respectively and my daughter threw them a formal party, at least that's what the invitation said, so I got dressed up in my Sunday best and went to the party. Ha, April Fools came six days later cause no one was dressed in formal attire.

Tea time!

I was going through my clothes and found that the slacks I wanted were dirty and I had not been able to take them to the cleaners so I did the next best thing, or so I thought. I threw them in the washer, set the dial on delicate, closed the lid, and gave it a go. A few minutes later, they were done, and I mean they were done, as in done for good because for some reason there were threads hanging from everywhere. How would I know that they would disintegrate? Well, plan "B" you are it.

I got there a bit late as I was also getting ready for church so I didn't stay there for long, OK long enough to eat because I was starving and the sandwich and chips were calling my name and by the way, they were good. I am totally surprised and proud of me as my white shirt survived being mobbed by my ten grand kids and many nephews and nieces, my son in law said it would be dirty before I left but only a few tiny smudges of cookies and frosting made their way on it.

Anyway, as I said I was not there for long but I was able to take a few pics with the grand kids.

Atalie pointing at the cupcakes on the table and telling me they were all for her.

This girl loves granpa, her #1 grandpa so she says.

She loves me, she really loves me!

The Duck and I.

Diego and I.

Juanito, moi, and Brianna.

Ariele and I.

Diego, Atalie, me, Allayna, and Ariele.

Ummm good cookie and good kiss grandpa.


Michelle said...

We wore dresses! That's fancy!

Chely said...

What do you mean, "no one was dressed fancy"? This last little lady is even wearing pearls! =)

ChrisJ said...

Your grandchildren get more beautiful every time I see them Jose. And don't you look good all dressed up in your Sunday best!

Sandy said...

Wow great photos of you and all the kids.

Jose said...

It's so hard to get all ten of them together at the same time. And yes they were all there at the party. lol

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