Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Searching For Sofas

We were on a mission to find an affordable living room set. Basically we were looking for a sofa and love seat but when we stopped at MOR two weeks ago to do some window shopping we noticed the prices were high. We did see a sofa-chaise combo we liked for about $500.00 but decided to go see what other furniture stores had to offer.

The radio is always airing this commercial about a furniture store that only opens on weekends named "The Dump". Abby being from California and all told me, "Why don't we try that trash place they announced on the radio?" Hummm trash place, let me see... Oh you mean "The Dump", "Yeah that one" she said.

So on a busy Friday afternoon we set off to the city of Chandler to check this place out. It only took us a few minutes to realize that the only dumping there would be from us dumping our money. Pretty much everything there was very expensive, so we didn't last too long in there.

The decision to come back to the neighborhood was a wise one, I much rather "dump" my money in my own hood anyway so we once again went back to MOR to purchase that little sofa we had seen the previous week. However, what a difference a week makes, all of a sudden every living room set was either on sale or priced just right. All of a sudden we have a bunch of affordable choices.

We narrowed it to three sets we liked and then the salesman points me to this sectional, (we were not looking into sectionals) and I immediately liked it. Abby, maybe not so at first. It was priced just right and I loved the color so after weighing the alternatives we decided to purchase it.

I think it will look awesome in our living room but unfortunately it will take about three weeks for it to come in. Thankfully we were not in a hurry. So, I will be posting a picture of it as soon as it comes in.


Chely said...

Jejeje Abby cracks me up with her English every now and then. Menos mal que no te pidio que la llevaras to a Trashy Place. - LOL

Those sofas look comfy. Me recuerdan a los de Raul y Ade.

Jose said...

Yea they really are comfortable and will fit perfectly in our living room. Los de Ade y Raul were higher and darker. This don't have a corner table either.

Sandy said...

hahahahah, where is the "trash place"...too funny.

I like that sofa - that's probably one like we will get in June. We will be moving again and this time will leave the older couch behind or with the kids and start fresh. Besides their kids have ruined my couch with their spills, ha..

Our lease is up then and we were only doing a year with the kids.

Enjoy the couch when you finally get it. I just realized I'm not sure if you are staying where you live now or moving closer to where she lives.

Sandy said...

ON closer inspection - I have a couch with the same color but the material is exactly the same. It is the loveseat and couch and that is the one we will leave, going more for a sectional this time.

The material holds up really awesome if it is what I think it is - kind of a corderoy

Jose said...

We were looking for a sofa and love seat but when we saw this sectional we liked it. I really, really liked it. Will post a picture when it comes in. :-)

Jose said...

Oh and for now she is coming here to Phoenix, as for the future? Well, anything is possible. :-)

Sectional Sofa said...

This Couch is really great! Of course its not the finest couch ever but for 500 bucks I cannot complain at all. It came in about 5 days and was easy to assemble. 3 separate boxes so fits in any elevator or staircase. Had a minor tare on the ottoman on very bottom but its really no big deal.

Pillows are on stiff side but I like things firm in terms of sitting and laying down so this is ok for me. If taken care of should last 3-5 years no problem. What you see in the photo is really what you get and its even a little bigger than I thought (I didn't take the time to actual use the measurements to get a visual) so was pleasantly surprised.

If you need a couch on a budget but still want something more spacious than a love seat this is for you. Also the ikea couch that is a similar model is about 100 more not to mention needing to get it to your apartment yourself so I prefer this option.

Jane Michelle said...

We absolutely love this couch. It's comfortable b/c it's firm but you can still lounge on it nicely. We put the ottoman near the long end and have a bed basically which is a lot of room to lounge on. The microfiber small sofa is SO easy to clean. My ONLY problem is that our couch is on wood and the two pieces aren't attached, so the one side (the 2-seater) slides all over the place and I wish they were attached. Great buy for the money.

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