Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Sometimes inspiration comes from everywhere and everything and sometimes it hides in the deepest parts not wanting to be found. What can be used to lure it out? I was taking my morning walk and the weather felt so good at time of the morning that it allowed me to notice the ducks happily swimming on the lakes, I noticed all the landscapers hard at work making the local landscape look so nice, I notice how Cosita our female chihuahua had to take about 10 steps as opposed to one of mine, crossed about the elderly couples also on their morning stroll and apparently enjoying it too, I noticed the mom on the bike followed by her son trailing right behind her apparently on their way to school.

It's amazing how much one notices when ones mind is clear. It is inspiring to see how well coordinated life is when allowed to take its natural course, all that is left to do is first thank God for allowing us to live, and second live it to the fullest. In my case all I can say is "What a life", and what a privilege to be a part of it.

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