Friday, October 05, 2012

Thank God It's Friday!

TGIF... Wait, what's the difference? Being out of work for so long has put me out of touch as to what a weekend should feel like, when you don't work everyday is the same, OK except maybe Sunday cause that's when I go to church. Since my honey started working I can at least from her perspective wait in anticipation for the weekend.

So now I once again wake up early to see her off and once she leaves I pretty much stay up, yes the bed does call me repeatedly and says to please come back but I resist, not easy but I do, talk about will power.

What to do? What to do?, well since it is not so hot anymore I think it's time to get the old pony out of the garage and start it up, run it up for a while and take it to emissions to get it passed, at least that is my hope that it will pass without having to sink lots of money into it, so I can get my tags current. The weather is getting great for top down cruising around town.

My two ponies are so much fun to drive and are attention getters when I'm out on the road.

The newer pony too is in desperate need of being washed so the question to me is: What are you doing here blogging instead of being out there doing those things? Ummm well, I don't know, I guess that is how I roll.

Well, in any case I am ready for the weekend and hope you are too, so have a fantastic Friday and see you later.

Have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend!

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