Saturday, October 06, 2012

Avondale Fire-Rescue Open House

Every year we try to attend the Avondale Fire-Rescue Free Open House at the local firehouse which luckily for us is only a five minute walk from the house and this year is no exception. The open house features free hot dogs and hamburgers, popcorn, sodas, and ice cream. The fire engines are displayed and Billy Scott, the singing fireman put on a show involving the kids. They do a little show, act silly and they get little giveaways. Kids love it!

I have always loved to do things with my kids and grandkids, the sense of family unity, the bonding, the fun, the memories we create, the accomplishment of seeing my family grow together on a daily basis is worth to me more than anythng else, that's why we make outings such as this a tradition. Just two weeks ago I had the opportunity of creating wonderful memories with my new family in California while visiting The Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa California (but that is another story to be told).

Today's event wasn't any different than last years, yet the kids seem to enjoy it every year. You've all seen the face paintings Nikki does on the kids. Well there was a girl painting the most simple designs on the kid's arms and yet they tought it was the most awesome thing and so they all waited paitently in the long line to get theirs. Sometimes it's the simple things in life isn't it? I thank God for the opportunity to spend this type of quality time with my wonderful family and I appreciate it very, very much.

Some of the things the firemen teach the kids and adults is how to protect your family from fire. We love to tour the station and the engines, the kids just love to get prizes, oh and to get baloons. Why are kids so mystifies with baloons is beyond me, but they are, if they see one they want it and won't stop til' they get it.

This event kicks off the Fire Prevention Week. It's amazing to see how much valuable information the kids pick up at the Open House while enjoying the food and fun. Oh and did I mention it is all FREE?

Fireman Diego putting out a fire.
Ummmm hot dogs and chips, que rico!!!
Oh Diego you got a spider on your arm. I like it!
Oh you so cool Mr Cool!
Tattoo time!
Alayna and Ariele, twins a couple of years apart.

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