Monday, November 26, 2012

Glendale Glitters 2012

What to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon? Well considering we were already showered and fed as my mom and my lil sis came to visit earlier I thought I would show Abby what 1.5 million lights wrapped around trees, palm trees, and even buildings would look like on the yearly biggest block party in Historic Downtown Glendale. Yes, 16 blocks of Historic Downtown Glendale get the sparkling treatment for the delight of millions of people that come to visit from November 23 until January 12. Welcome to Glendale Glitters!

On our way over to Glendale Glitters we noticed that the Tanger Outlets are already open. As we exited the freeway a line of cars wrapping around the entrance to Westgate had formed already, then again it was still Black Friday weekend so it was obvious people would be flocking the brand new shopping center. For us, that will be a future trip to go and explore and probably blow some moula.

City of Glendale Arizona, City Hall.

As we got to Historic Glendale I expected to have a hard time finding a free parking space ($10.00 prime parking signs are posted all over the place) but luck was on my side and we found a nice semi-empty street within a very short walking distance. As we crossed 59th Ave I have a habit of trotting while I cross the street but Abby hates it. Well this SOB on a big Ram truck didn’t show signs of wanting to stop even though we were at the middle of the intersection and on the crosswalk. I pulled Abby harder and then hesitated as I still was not sure of what he was going to do. We finally got to the other side and I couldn’t help but scream to the fool on the truck out of adrenaline charged rage. His female passenger attempted to do the talking for him but he sped away. OK this was the only bad incident of the night. They will get their just reward for their stupid careless actions in due time.

If you have never been to Glendale Glitters try to make the trip at least once. I know some of my family members like to go every year more than once. Food row is a huge attraction at this event with the ever famous and always tasty Indian bread having one of the biggest lines. If you have kids this is a good place for them to have a fantastic time as there are lots of attractions, rides, and activities aimed just at them. However take some money as it will set you a few dollars back.

Historic Glendale houses lots and lots of Antique Stores and they keep them open late during this time. If you are into antiques this is the place to be.

We walked it up and down, had some Indian Bread, entered a couple of Antique Stores, took some pictures, enjoyed the lights, fought the crowds (on opening weekend this event attracts well over a hundred thousand people each night), enjoyed the typical Phoenix Winter weather (no sweaters or jackets required) and then decided to call it quits and headed back home.

All in all, a good time once again. Life is good and God is always great.


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