Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tales From the Parking Lot

So, continuing with the adventures in a parking lot, with the endless movement of cars that come and go it is always interesting to let the cars talk to you and tell you the stories. The other day I was looking for a truck but wasn't sure what it looked like, if they would only have told me to follow my nose I would have found it a lot faster. I opened the door and bam! It hit me all of a sudden, the sweet smell of perfume multiplied by 20. What do I mean by that you say? Well let the following image do the talking.

(Note -  Blogger will not upload images right now but as soon as it can I will upload them.)

Coming back from parking a car in the lot I see one of the Service Advisers texting and just standing by another pick up truck. He calls me and asks me to please take it to the Service Drive and I am only too happy to comply as it is part of my job to do just that, I climb in and he starts laughing. See, we offer our customers a complimentary car wash but we do not do the vehicle's interiors, the reason he was laughing was because the inside of the cab was filthy and smelled almost like poop. He told me that he was not about to get in a drive it. Well, as I said before, it is part of my job and someone has to do it.

I have gotten in a few cars that are really dirty but just the other day I had to go get one and as soon as I opened the door the foul smell hit me, The car was like a dump inside, I immediately got in lowered all windows and drove it really fast to the Service Drive as I held my breath. I asked the Service Adviser to whom did this vehicle belonged and he pointed to this very regular looking woman pushing a baby in a stroller. I would have never paired the car and the girl together.

By the same token, there have some gems come in as well. Cars that are extremely clean, that smell good, that are well taken care of by their owners, cars that really show the pride of ownership of those who drive them.

To some of us a car is an extension of ourselves, to some it's just a machine meant to transport you. But think about it, after buying a house what other purchase is going to be as expensive as buying your vehicle. How many people have a car payment that exceeds $500.00 a month and that will be paying that amount monthly for the next six years. I say yes, to a certain extent it is a good and wise choice to pamper and take care of your ride, it is not really an investment that will yield profits but and investment that will yield many memories as it takes you from point A to point B every day.

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