Wednesday, May 09, 2007

American Idol Top Four

I have been saying that there's Melinda, then big gap, and then everyone else. Well, last night in my humble opinion Jordin narrowed that "big gap" to the point of being a worthy contender. I think it's obvious who should be in the final. As for Blake, I say see ya.


If our Arizona girl Jordin wins, I am 100% OK with that. She may not be a better singer than Melinda but she is more of the complete package we all want.


EC said...

I totally agree!! BUT... I don't think Blake will go - he has all the teenage girl votes I think, so it would make sense for Kiki to go, although very unfortunate! I do think Melinda and Jordin are going to be in the final two (hopefully!!) But there is a damn good chance that Jordin will pull it out - heck, even Barry Gibb said that she was going to be a huge star, and I can't help but agree.

Mushy said...

I would not be disappointed with that choice - like EC said, she's a good all around package.

SingForHim said...

I thought I'd check in to see what you thought of last night. ITA with EC, all the teeny bopper girls in the nation are voting for Blake. Jordin is definitely my favorite, although I love Melinda too. I think it's Kiki's night to go, though.

Go to my post to see what I'm afraid they'll do to Jordin if she wins. Do you agree?

~*Kelli*~ said...

Yeah, I think she and Blake will be in the finals. Melinda is the best singer, but she doesn't have the Idol appeal like the other two. Either way, being in the top 10 is never shabby.

amy said...

We saw Jordyn in December when she toured the Christmas concert with Michael W Smith. Had no idea who she was untli next week. I think Melynda and Jordin will be the finals but would love to see Jordyn and Blake. melinda has been consistently good where as Jordyn has really improved and Blake is just different. ill be suprised if Blake wins but I like the final 3!!!

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