Thursday, May 24, 2007

She Did It - Jordin Is Our New American Idol

As you may imagine here in Arizona specially in Phoenix the news stations took a little more that two minutes to highlight Jordin's journey to stardom. Have no doubt that from here on she will go on to bigger and better things, the future promises to be a bright one for her.


After the Suns heart breaking lose, it is refreshing to be able to root for a hometown hero. Not to take anything away from Jordin but another girl from Arizona took second place on a show called "La Academia" which is the Latin version of American Idol. Yuridia a girl from Mesa took second two years ago and had since become huge in the Latin music world, and yes she has been more successful than the guy that took first.

"This Is My Now" has been playing all morning long on every single radio station here in Phoenix, and the more I listen to it the more I like it. Funny because when Blake sang the song I though of it as weak, but Jordin took it to the next level and showed us what a great song it really is.

Now we move over to my second favorite show "So You Think You Can Dance". I grew up dancing so the show really appeals to me.


Now back to a non idol-report. Tonight is ABF's annual suite baseball game and I am invited. So tonight I'll watch our Dbacks battle the Houston Astros from the comfort of suite 66, where drink and food should be aplenty.

I hope to watch a winning game, the last time we were there we left at the top of the eight with the Dbacks showing a deficit on the score board, however when we watched the news we found out the rallied and actually won the game after really playing bad all night long.

Who came up with the saying "It's not over until the fat lady sings". Proof that the game isn't over til' it's over.

Wish them good luck tonight, hopefully they'll play well.


Elena said...

Bravo por las arizoenses. No habia pensado en eso hasta que lo mencionste, pero las semejanzas no terminan alli, por ejemplo: Jordin tiene 17 anos, Yuridia tenia 17 cuando participo, Jordin es altisima, Yuridia tambien es muy alta, y si te fijas, las dos tienen el mismo tipo de personalidad y las dos cantan fabulosamente bien.
Arriba Arizona y sus talentos.


Tara said...


Webmiztris said...

I don't 'want' to watch "So You Think You Can Dance", but if I happen to catch even just the first few minutes of it, I'm hooked and can't stop watching!

That first guy? The one that almost had a heart attack dancing? hysterical!

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