Thursday, December 11, 2008

Singing While I Walk

OK,I am officially considered to be loco by the Phoenix residents surrounding my work place. See, while taking my midday walk I decided to listen to some tunes out of my new iPod Shuffle, it certainly made the 35 minutes more enjoyable. What I didn't realize is that while waking I was singing along to the music and some people were having lunch under a big tree and I didn't see them. When I finally saw them they were looking at me funny and I realized then that I was singing pretty loud.

A few minutes later another good song started and by pure instinct my mouth started singing again. Then I realized that two of the cars parked by the sidewalk had people in them eating lunch. They were laughing, I am sure I sounded awful as I've had a sore throat all week.

But hey, que sera, sera they better get used to it because I intend to keep walking every day during my lunch time.

My sister is sending me a pedometer that was given to her but she doesn't use it. I am actually curious to find out how much walking I do.


amy said...

im always afraid I am going to that..Glad you enjoyed your walk

Mushy said...

I get caught a red lights!

The problem is I'm doing old stuff the kids don't recognize!

nikkidaarling said...

LOL! Michelle just told me about this, and i HAD to read your version...

oh dad, only YOU!!

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