Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

OK, close your eyes and tell me wasn't it just yesterday when people were in a frenzy because the world as we knew it would be no more. Remember the long lines at the water marts, the supermarkets could not stock water fast enough and can food was selling faster than normal. Yes, Y2K would be here and no computer in the world was going to work properly. Complete TV shows were dedicated to this one subject and then when the year 2000 finally rode in it was just another day in paradise. Everything was the same, the computers did work, there was no need for all that extra water people bought and they now had can food to last them a while. Wow, I remember that as if it happened yesterday and now here we are beginning of Y2K + 9, almost a decade away from that memorable date.

While for many the year 2008 will go in history as their worse year we are fortunate enough to consider it a good year. Nothing extraordinary happened but then again nothing bad or ugly happened either and that in itself is great news.

We were invited to a couple of parties but as every year we decided to spend it with family. Again, just a few of us got together, we went to my sister's house and there we were joined by my other sister and her family, my daughter whom had said she would spend the New Year home with her family also made an appearance. My father in law and his wife, and my sister in law's husband also joined the celebration. It was a very intimate but fun gathering.

The best part was the food. OMG, the girls outdid themselves with the Mexican dishes, we had "tacos de lengua" and "barbacoa", mi chica once again cooked the tastier "frijoles puercos". My nieces took care of the desserts, I made a salsa, and we had wine and beer to help us wash it all down while at the same time to get in the mood.

The guys were out in the patio as the weather wasn't really too cold, they had the fire pit going so it was all good, as long as the beer kept flowing they were just fine. My sisters and I along with my mom and in laws stayed inside where we plugged in the karaoke machine and waited for the new year with music in our hears and bad notes from our mouths, lol but again, I did not hear anybody complain and that too was all good.

We waited until past one to leave, we just don't like to chance the stray bullets that many STUPID PEOPLE shoot into the air to receive the new year. Everything was calmed by the time we left for home. Our designated driver a.k.a. mi chica took our friend/brother in law to his house and then we went home too.

All in all a great time was had by all, my mom invited us to go to her house the next day for "pozole". What a way to start the new year. I hope it continues to be a prosperous one.


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Ade said...

Feliz Año nuevo para todos ustedes y que sea prospero y nos dure un poquito mas porque los años se nos estan yendo como agua entre los dedos.
Besos y abrazos de tu hermana

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