Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Tube Updates

No body told me that "Hell's Kitchen" had started already, darn I missed the first episode. Memo to me, remember to set it up on the DVR, I need me a doze of Chef Ramsey. I wonder what the difference is between cooking because you love to cook as mi chica or my mom do and to cook because you have to. Mi chica can come home tired from a long work day and yet make a quick transition into the kitchen where instead of her being pressured because she has to cook she actually used the time cooking to relax and unwind.

A huge difference in the two styles is the fact that a chef must have recipes, and rely on measured amounts of ingredients, my mom and mi chica rely on their memory and their mood at the time of cooking to add or withhold ingredients, and they too can cook for two or twenty with no problem. Anyway, I hope I don't forget to watch it next week. Umm, I wonder how Christina is doing?

So, in a mixture of scenes from New York to Puerto Rico and back the last of the American Idol auditions episode finally aired. Since all this is prerecorded the Internet has leaked a lot of the Hollywood losers and winners. Me, I rather wait to see it when it airs, otherwise what is the point. Some people do have the need to know in advance what's happening. The first kid from Puerto Rico sang in Spanish and then he was asked if he could sing in English. I think he did pretty good, Kara said you sounded more convincing in your Spanish song, but the English one I could sense an accent. Well duh! Simon rapidly said, we are here in Puerto Rico of course we expect an accent. If we didn't want the accent we would have had the auditions in Omaha. Well said Simon.

Simon finally showed who's boss in the show. This girl in the Puerto Rico audition took her little brother and he actually stood by her while she auditioned. At 16 years of age I thought she did pretty good but Randy gave her a no, and Paula gave her a no, Kara said yes and Simon just said I am going to give you a second chance, and awarded her the gold ticket.

What? "Ugly Betty" is getting axed. Well now ABC denies it and says they are only rumors. Are you kiddin', Ugly Betty is like an as kicking show that is till watched by millions, I just hope that when they finally decide to shelf the show they plan carefully her transformation. In the meantime I am bummed because my DVR did not pick up last night's episode. Can anybody share what happened?

Randy Jackson's "America's Best Dance Crew" now on its third season continues to entertain the heck out of me. In a totally different league than "So you think you can dance" this show showcases group dancing in a way no other show has ever done. These kids take dancing and choreography to a whole different level. I am sure this show captures a younger audience but there are a few of us old timers that really enjoy it too. The competition is super tight and there just may be an all girl crew taking the top honors this year.

I am sure I'll be picking up some more shows along the way, when that happens I'll give you an update. Until then, good night.


Michelle said...

Just to let you know... my Ugly Betty recorded and it was a repeat... next week will be new again though... I am so tired of repeats!

Betty Flocken said...


Shanti said...

Beautiful story, great kid, lovely family. Ty for link

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